Beyond shakes… food fun with greens powders

I love my Patriot Power Greens.

Each delicious scoop fuels my body with dozens of fruits and vegetables, plus probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Most mornings I start my day with a greens shake.

But, drinking the same thing every day can get a little boring.

And that’s just fine.

Because greens powders aren’t just for shakes.

There are so many other ways to incorporate greens powders into your diet.

Here are my favorite non-shake ways to use my Patriot Power Greens.

1. Mix it into hummus.

When we have guests over, I like to put out some veggie sticks with hummus for dipping.

A scoop of greens powder into the hummus adds flavor and a boost of nutrition to each delicious bite. (And it takes on a rich color too that even makes it look healthier!)

2. Add it to yogurt

When I eat yogurt, it’s typically plain or vanilla flavored… the perfect base for a greens powder scoop.

The addition of the greens powder gives the yogurt a sweet, fruity taste, and a big health boost.

3. Sprinkle it on cereal

Most store-bought cereals are loaded with sugar, so I tend to avoid those and make my own with whole grains like quinoa or millet, sweetened with a dash of real honey.

Sprinkle greens powder on top and you’ve got yourself a cereal that is far and away healthier than anything you’d find on the grocery store shelves.

4. Incorporate it into salad dressing

Like cereal, most salad dressings you get in grocery stores are jam-packed with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

My homemade vinaigrette combines lime juice, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Add a scoop of greens powder to create a dressing with a real health punch.

Now, a couple of things to keep in mind as you incorporate greens powders into your foods…

First, no matter what you add the powder to, it’s going to turn your food green.

But who says green food can only be served on St. Patrick’s Day?

And second, a few “experts” out there recommend using greens powders to bake with.

That’s a problem if your greens powder has probiotics in it, and any quality greens powder should.

You see, heat kills probiotics.

So, if you do mix the powder into your batters for muffins and pancakes, you’ll be lowering its health giving power somewhat. Though, you’ll be boosting the health qualities of whatever you put it in, so it’s a bit of a tradeoff I suppose.

As with anything, drinking greens shakes every day can get old. I’m in such a routine with Patriot Power Greens, I hardly think about it. It’s just something I do now.

But I can see how you might want to branch out a bit too.

Thankfully, greens powders are so versatile, they can be added to many foods.

What a fun way to give the foods you love a boost in flavor and nutrition!

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