Is THIS in your stocking?

Is your house ready for the big day?

Here at Casa Reagan, I still have some wrapping to do, but all the presents have been purchased.

I just finished wrapping Karen’s stocking stuffers.

(Yes, even though we don’t have any kids in the house, we still do stockings.)

I find it fun to pick-up little trinkets throughout the year to stuff into Karen’s stocking.

Maybe something from a trip I took, or a little bar of her favorite dark chocolate.

Always included is a travel-sized container of her favorite lotion.

Why travel-sized?

Because skin care doesn’t stop when you’re away from home.

In fact, taking care of your skin when you’re on-the-go is especially important because you’re routinely exposed to elements that can harm your skin.

Traveling by air?

Plane rides are particularly dehydrating.

All that stagnant air can suck the moisture right out of your pores, so it’s important to protect your skin with a good lotion or facial moisturizer before your board.

And don’t forget to take special care of your lips.

Dry airplane air can leave your lips chapped and irritated.

Keep some lip balm in your pocket and apply it throughout the flight to prevent cracked lips.

Staying in a hotel?

Those little soaps look cute, but are usually poor quality, and made with ingredients that can dry out your skin.

That’s why I always bring a bar of soap from home when we hit the road.

Traveling someplace cold?

If you’re headed to visit family or friends in an area notorious for dry, winter air, consider packing a small humidifier.

A portable humidifier adds moisture to the air, and helps prevent dry skin.

Keep it on your bedside table and run it through the night.

Just be sure to clean it regularly to prevent bacteria build-up.

And finally, be sure you’re getting enough vitamin D… particularly in the winter months when your body isn’t able to make as much naturally.

Low levels of vitamin D can result in itchy, red skin and can trigger inflammation.

So, don’t forget your vitamin D when you’re packing.

Skin care is especially important as you get older and skin begins to lose its moisture and elasticity.

And proper skin care shouldn’t stop just because you’re away from home.

Get travel sizes of your favorite things. (They make great stocking stuffers!)

And, take steps to battle dry air to help keep your skin healthy and looking youthful.

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