Sunday Thoughts (tiny celebrations)

Life is hard.

It is. Responsibilities of work, family, health & fitness, finances.

Staying on time. On task. Taking care of debts, and keeping track of your finances.

Doing everything you have to do (or want to do) and still getting a good night’s sleep.

It’s harder still when you compare yourself to others. Because you rarely get to see their struggles, and focus mostly on their accomplishments.

So, I get it. But I try to remind myself – and I encourage you to do the same – that there are a lot of little things we get done each day that deserve to be celebrated.

Everybody likes to succeed. But, if we only focus on the big things, there are too many other things we miss out on. We miss acknowledging for ourselves a chance to think, “good job.”

We’d all love to be a perfect partner, or parent, or co-worker.

But what if, instead of just focusing on the end goal, we rejoice in the journey, too?

The strange thing about us humans is if we make a tiny slip-up, we tend to focus on it. Obsess on it even sometimes. Mistakes are magnified, even the littlest ones.

But, the small successes get overlooked.

Studies have found that by tracking the small accomplishments, it keeps people motivated and more productive at work. But, couldn’t this same principle apply in our daily lives, too?

Progress sparks positivity. A better mood. Less frustration. And a feeling of more control.

And, small progress is still progress.

A lot of big goals or projects are just a series of little steps along the way, when you stop to think it through.

Shouldn’t you feel good about your daily habit of doing something healthy for yourself?

For making the time to call mom, or getting out of bed without hitting the snooze button? Shouldn’t we celebrate actually making time to sit down to a family dinner, or cleaning out the garage?

Shouldn’t you feel better about trying to do your best?

I think you know the answer.

And, coming to that realization and trying to bring it into your day to day life, that’s cause for celebration.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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