Are you eating THIS part of the fish?

I try to eat fish at least a couple times a week.

But recently I learned I was eating fish all wrong.

In fact, I was missing out on one of the healthiest parts of the fish by throwing it in the trash.

What was I discarding? Fish skins.

As it turns out, fish skins are LOADED with essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Eat a 3.5-ounce fillet of skinless barramundi (Asian sea bass) and you get about 0.8 grams of omega-3.

Keep that skin on, and the amount of omega-3 jumps to 1.5 grams.

That’s nearly double!

Imagine that… you can boost your omega-3 intake just by leaving the fish skin on.

And, it’s not just the omega-3 content that makes fish skins so healthy.

Eating fish skins may even make you look, and feel, younger because they are a great source of collagen.

Fish collagen is a type I collagen, the type of collagen found in your skin.

And, consuming fish collagen has been shown reduce the look of wrinkles and make skin appear more youthful.

Not only that, fish collagen can help keep your bones, joints and muscles strong and flexible.

Some of you may be wondering if fish skins are safe to eat.

After all, by being on the outside of the fish, they’re more likely to be exposed to environmental pollutants.

For this exact reason, I never suggest eating fish that’s been farm-raised.

Instead, opt for wild fish that’s been responsibly sourced from clean waters.

Now, not every type of fish has skin that’s good for eating.

Tuna, swordfish and monkfish all have skin that’s thick and tough… not really something you want to eat.

And, skate skin is prickly. Skip that.

But cooked nice and crispy, salmon skin and barramundi skin are absolutely delicious.

Next time you shop for fish, or head to a seafood restaurant, try a fillet that has the skin on.

It’s a surprisingly healthy treat you’re sure to love.

And if you’d like to see another way to boost your omega-3 intake, go here.

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