Unusual ways to improve circulation

If you’ve been feeling “stopped up,” or a little foggy.

Not in the “mood” very often, if ever.

If your muscles are feeling tight… or, you’re just plain tired all the time.

Or if you’re having consistent problems with your blood pressure…

Poor circulation might be to blame.

You see, each of your vital organs, and many of your bodily functions, rely on proper blood flow to deliver the oxygen and other key essential nutrients needed to perform at peak levels.

Without them?

Well, things start to go downhill.

You probably already know that exercise is great for improving your circulation.

And, of course, diet plays a role, too.

(Load up on leafy greens, fatty fish, and beets.)

But beyond the “usual” diet and exercise, there are some simple, easy… and somewhat unusual… ways to get your blood pumping and flowing throughout your body.

Like dry brushing.

In a nutshell, dry brushing involves massaging the body with a dry, stiff-bristled brush.

It’s most commonly used to exfoliate dry, flaky skin in the wintertime.

But the technique also does wonders for your circulation.

When selecting a brush, go for one with a long handle so you can easily reach all parts of your body.

For an added circulation boost, shower after you’ve gone over your body with a dry brush.

Start with a warm shower, but when you’re wrapping up, switch the faucet over to cold for the last 30 seconds.

That cold water may bite, but making the switch can cause the dilation and constriction of your blood vessels, which helps stimulate blood flow.

If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time – or keeps you at a desk for hours – give compression socks a try.

When you’re not moving frequently, blood can begin to pool in your lower legs and feet.

Compression socks provide consistent pressure along your legs to encourage blood to flow upward from your ankles back toward your heart.

Now, I will warn you… compression socks can be tricky to get on because they are tight. By design.

If you run into trouble getting them on your legs, try wearing rubber gloves. Or, apply some cornstarch power to your legs before you try to get them on.

If all else fails, there’s this neat gadget called a stocking “donner” that will help you get into these socks in a jiffy.

Circulation problems can lead to some really serious complications if left untreated.

But if you take steps to improve your blood flow now, you’ll reap advantages you can truly feel for years to come.

And if you’d like to see another simple (& natural) solution to boost your circulation and support healthy blood pressure, go here.

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