Sunday Thoughts (sandy feet, clear head)

As I write this letter, I can still feel a bit of sand between my toes.

When we got up this morning, it felt like a good day to head down to the beach, take a stroll and watch the sun come up over the ocean.

It’s funny how something that happens every day like the sunrise can change your whole attitude when you just take the time to experience it.

Ellie loves to run along the sand, and go full speed towards the ocean when the tide goes out, only to turn and run when it inevitably rolls back in…

Karen and I picked up shells, had a nice talk and enjoyed a warm cup of coffee, just watching the birds and the waves and the dolphins jumping the distance.

Moving down here near the beach wasn’t really a conscious decision, but it’s a nice advantage if you’re lucky enough to be able to experience it regularly.

And it’s not just some squishy “feel good” thing either. Studies show that those who live closest to water are 22% less likely to experience mental health problems.

Coastal areas seem to provide a bit of a protective bubble around the people who live there.

They’re just happier.

Your body responds to water, for whatever reason. Your heart rate slows. Your BP goes down. You become… more mindful.

Now you may not live anywhere near the ocean. But almost everyone lives near a park, a path, a stretch of woods or a babbling brook.

When’s the last time you made an effort to dedicate a day or even an hour just being out in nature? A walk in the woods can have the same impact as a beach stroll, if you let it.

What are your plans for today? Maybe you should plan a little time for a walk outside, wherever you are.

Nature has a way of putting things in perspective, and delivers a nice break from the hustle and chaos that we’ve come to expect as “normal.”

And it appears to have a nice calming effect on pets too, if Ellie’s snoring is any indication…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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