Don’t take a health holiday

The holiday season is just around the corner.

And that means many of you will be hitting the roads and packing the airports as you head out of town to visit your loved ones.

Nothing beats having the holidays with family and friends.

At the same time, nothing can kill your holiday spirit more than feeling unwell.

So, I’ve put together a few tips to keep you healthy throughout the season.

Digestive problems are common when you’re traveling, especially around the holidays.

All the heavy holiday food can really disrupt your GI tract and create loads of trouble.

Constipation is another unwelcome consequence that often comes with some time away.

Nobody wants to “go” on a plane unless it’s absolutely necessary. Ditto for airport bathrooms. Some don’t even like going in a relative’s or friend’s home.

All that “holding it in” can lead to feces that dries out, gets impacted and starts to jam you up.

To keep my digestive system running smoothly when I’m away, I always make sure I pack a probiotic.

Taking a probiotic supplement daily helps keep your system on a schedule… and lets you enjoy your holiday favorites without worry that your digestive system will revolt.

As an added bonus, a probiotic also supports your immune system, and that’s downright essential if you’re flying on a plane and breathing in that stagnant air for hours.

Another common health concern with travel is lack of sleep.

Restful sleep, especially during the busy holiday season, allows you to recharge your batteries so you have the energy to tackle all there is to do.

But sometimes it’s just too darn hard to fall asleep in a bed that isn’t your own.

Packing a sleep aid, like melatonin, can help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer, so you get deep, quality sleep you need to make it through the season.

Holiday time has become associated with overindulgence and unhealthy food choices, which can lead to… weight gain.

Help keep the pounds off by keeping up with an exercise routine when you’re away.

Take regular walks with friends, especially after heavy meals. Run around with your grandkids. And if you’re staying at a hotel, use the fitness room.

The goal is to stay active instead of being a couch potato to help you work off that pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.

Finally, be sure you’re drinking plenty of water during your travels.

Planes are dehydrating. The heat in other people’s homes and hotel rooms can be dehydrating. Even drinking holiday booze can dehydrate you.

And dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, mood, and a host of other problems that are sure to ruin your holiday fun.

The holidays are a time of peace and joy… provided you stay healthy.

Take care of yourself throughout your travels and you’re sure to have a healthier, happier, holiday season.

And if you’d like to see my favorite way to stay healthy on-the-go, go here.

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