Sunday Thoughts (“deload” day?)

Sunday is my recovery day.

No workout today beyond a walk with Ellie, or an outside activity if the chance arises.

Outside of Sunday’s I’ve gotten myself into a fairly regular routine of exercise… 6x per week.

3 days I go for a run. 3 days I do weights and some other cardio, like a rowing machine. Or maybe a swim.

And I’ve found that just establishing a routine, scheduling it (usually first thing in the morning) and making time for it, I feel like I’m missing something if I skip it.

I used to subscribe to the notion that with all this regular working out, I needed to schedule a break, beyond my Sunday “rest day.”

To allow for my muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. to bounce back from regular use.

I do believe that is important for serious athletes. It’s what’s called a “de-load.” You load up on exercise, increase your intensity, then back it down to bounce back.

But I’m not an athlete, really. Just a regular guy who’s concerned about fitness and staying healthy.

And what I’ve found is, life provides the de-loads, so I don’t have to schedule them.

Between family commitments, travel for work, vacations and other interruptions, you’re going to miss a day here and there from your regular routine throughout the year.

So unless you’re really training hard, scheduling “rest” isn’t all that important.

Now, you need to listen to your body. If you’re sore, or injured, or something isn’t right, back off.

And if you don’t start feeling better in a day or two, get it looked at.

But beyond that, so few of us get the exercise we truly need. Making a big deal about rest (outside of a good night’s sleep) is wasted worry.

Let life’s interruptions back you off, and don’t feel bad about them. Just get back on the horse the next day and get back on track.

Now I said vacations can interrupt your workouts, and they do. And sometimes if you’re relaxing, you just don’t feel like doing much. I find that vacations are often more active than my regular days, simply because I have the time for it.

And I know if I get up and move, I’ll have even more energy for the “fun” stuff.

Plus, I don’t feel bad when I indulge in something I don’t typically eat, if I’ve burned off some of the calories before the dessert cart rolls up…

My point is, make a point to move your body. Don’t worry about missing a day here and there. And remember that each time you exercise, it’s an investment.

In your energy. Your mood. And your lifelong health.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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