Newark Is the New Flint… Where Will Lead Contamination Strike Next?

It wasn’t all that long ago. When we heard about a problem with lead in water, we immediately thought about Flint, Michigan.

This was a high profile water contamination case if there ever was one. It first became public in 2015. Before long we had plenty of accusations and denials. Followed by confirmations and lawsuits.

They’re still sorting out that mess. And parents are cringing while thinking about possible long-term effects on their children.

But now the focus is on Newark, New Jersey. And before long it’s going to be on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After that… who knows? But it’s probably coming to a neighborhood near you.

Lead Pipes the Culprit

As a general rule, the problem does not lie with water treatment plants. Sometimes they are at fault. But more often than not, they are doing their jobs properly.

What’s putting lead into the water citizens have been unknowingly drinking for so long are lead pipes. They go directly to kitchen faucets.

Because these service lines are so old, many are corroded. They leach lead into the water that passes through on the way to houses, apartments and businesses.

The serious health problems caused by lead consumption are well documented. Especially for children and pregnant women. Lead can impair how children learn, grow and behave.

The Environmental Protection Agency reported that, “in children, low levels of exposure have been linked to damage to the central and peripheral nervous system. [As well as] learning disabilities, shorter stature, impaired hearing. And impaired formation and function of blood cells.”

Newark Water Is Still Contaminated

Approximately 15,000 homes in Newark had service lines delivering water contaminated with lead.

In recent weeks and months, city officials have provided residents with bottled water and water filters.

Unfortunately, the bottled water came well after the lead was consumed. And now those officials are saying the filters “may not be reliably effective.”

Recent samples of water taken from households using the filters showed lead exceeding 15 parts per billions. That’s the federal and state standard. Lead has been measured as high as 55 parts per billion in Newark.

Adding Insult to Injury

Not only that, but some people who waited in line for hours for bottled water learned when they reached the front that they were not eligible. Because they did not live in a specific area.

Then, the city had to stop giving out the bottled water. Why? Someone realized the water had expired.

Now, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Baraka are calling for federal assistance. They want help in tackling their challenging problem.

Newark Citizens Distrustful

Residents of Newark and other cities affected by water contamination are distrustful of government. They believe they’ve been lied to too many times.

“They gamble with our health,” one Newark woman said. “They put politics first before justice.

“The mayor keeps saying this isn’t like Flint. It is the same as Flint in the way that they tried to cover it up. We were victimized by this administration.”

More than 10 percent of the homes in Newark tested for elevated levels of lead in their water.

The Next Newark?

If Newark is the next Flint, maybe Pittsburgh is the next Newark. Earlier this year, a lawsuit against the city for lead contamination was settled.

As part of that suit, city officials agreed to replace thousands of lead pipes. And provide low-income residents with free water filters.

As with Flint and Newark, the process is slow. By the time officials admit there is a problem and consumer protection agencies step in to help, valuable time passes.

And even after corrective actions begin, many residents are not aware of what’s going on. That’s due to a lack of public education on the matter.

Get the Lead Out

Is there lead in your tap water? If so, you’re probably not aware of it. And there’s no way to know how long it’s been there and how long it will stay.

Because no matter how much we contribute to keeping water clean, contaminants are going to sneak in. It’s inevitable.

And it just a matter of time before water contamination hits your town. And that’s assuming it hasn’t happened already.

Tens of millions of Americans are exposed to unsafe drinking water each year, according to a recent article in USA Today.

And as Newark quickly proved, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the government is not able to protect your family when it comes to the water supply.

You must take matters into your own hands if you want to ensure your family always has clean, pure water to drink.

The solution is clear – a water filter that gets rid of the nasty contaminants putting you and your family at risk.

Our top recommendation is the Patriot Power Pure water filter.

It removes up to 97.5% of Lead… 98% of Mercury… And 99% of Arsenic. Even up to 99.9% of radiological gunk like Uranium! And that’s not even close to the full list of what the Patriot Pure Pitcher does.

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