Do you have THESE items on hand for hurricanes?

When Karen and I first decided to move to Florida, we knew there would be things we loved about our new home state… shorts weather year-round, being closer to family.

And a slower pace most of the time.

But you take the good with the bad. And there’s also things we knew we wouldn’t love.

Tops on that list… hurricanes.

Hurricane season is in full-swing right now.

And we just had our first experience dealing with a major hurricane as Dorian looked like it was going to make a direct hit to Florida.

Some grocery stores were without food.

And the shelves of many home improvement stores were bare.

We were lucky.

There was some rain and little wind, but we didn’t suffer any damage to our home.

Other folks got it much worse.

When you think a hurricane is heading right at you, it can really shake you to the bone and start questioning whether you’re prepared to handle it.

I’m blessed to work with the fine folks at 4Patriots who really know their stuff when it comes to survival… from natural disasters and those of the man-made variety.

And now’s the time for you to be thinking about preparing yourself too. It’s National Preparedness Month after all, and no matter where you live, you can’t be too careful.

Having the right items on hand can mean all the difference between shrugging off a crisis as an “inconvenience” and something far, far worse.

Because Lord knows you can’t rely on others – especially our government – to help in a crisis.

Here’s what I got to make sure we were prepared to handle Florida’s hurricanes:

1. A pocket-sized “power plant” – the Patriot Power Cell.

You already know that communication is critical to survival… and portable, backup power is downright essential in an emergency.

Patriot Power Cell is a pocket-sized, water-resistant, portable charger with a high-capacity battery that harnesses the power of the sun to continuously recharge itself.

No other portable charger on the market – not even those “best sellers” – can affordably give you as many essential features to keep your family safe as this weird gadget.

I got one for me and one for Karen, just to make sure our cell phones can stay charged if the power goes out.

>> Take a look at our tiny solar generator here

2. The “King of all Flashlights” – the HaloXT.

This handy survival tool comes with 9 life-saving functions including… an ultra-bright LED light, SOS light and strobe, compass, seatbelt cutter, and even a glass-breaking hammer.

Plus, it weighs less than 1 lb. and is water-resistant.

I keep one in my car and one at home, so that I’ll always have some light if the world around me goes dark.

>> Take a look at our HaloXT Flashlight here

3. The ultimate in renewable, portable power – the Patriot Power Generator.

I love this small generator because it’s reliable, rechargeable, and doesn’t rely on any dangerous fossil fuels. It powers up with the free energy of the sun, and comes with its own foldable, powerful solar panel (very handy).

In a power outage, you can use it to power your lights for safety and comfort… computer, phones, radio and TV for vital information and communication… even small appliances like a freezer and critical medical devices.

All without gas, fumes, or noise.

>> Take a look at our Patriot Power Generator here

Preparedness and self-reliance are keys to survival, whether you live near a hurricane-prone coast, tornado alley of the Midwest, or near wild fires in the west.

I know I feel a whole lot better having these essentials on hand if a crisis comes our way again.

Give them a look and they may give you some peace of mind, too.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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