What are BCAAs & what are they good for?

Unless you’re a hardcore bodybuilder, you likely aren’t familiar with branched-chained amino acids, or BCAAs…

But you should be.

These amino acids are what your body needs to make proteins… and what your muscles burn for energy.

And they’re considered “essential,” meaning your body can’t make them on your own.

You must get them through food and supplements.

Any food containing protein has BCAAs.

Grass-fed beef, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, and legumes are my favorite sources for BCAAs.

But as I’ve mentioned before, older folks are falling short in getting enough protein each day to keep their energy up and the muscles strong.

If you’re over 50, you probably need to boost your BCAA intake.

Supplementation is a great way to fill that gap.

Many bodybuilders and other athletes supplement with BCAAs to fuel their muscles and keep their energy up.

Research shows BCAA supplementation can improve endurance and reduce exercise-related fatigue and muscle damage.

But the advantages of BCAAs extend far beyond athletic performance.

BCAA supplementation has been linked to improved lean muscle mass and reduced body fat. And BCAAs may even help folks with kidney concerns.

Which becomes even more important as you get older since most seniors see a decline in overall physical functioning.

Along with a protein enriched diet, BCAAs can help prevent those signs of muscle aging.

Now, health food stores are well-stocked with “gym” proteins that vow to load you up with BCAAs.

Problem is, they’re also typically loaded with a bunch of other stuff you don’t want… or need.

That’s why I created my Patriot Power Protein with a unique protein called LenteinĀ®.

Lentein is made from made from water lentils, the richest source of BCAAs of any plant source.

Nobody wants to slow down, feel weaker or struggle through another day.

Add some extra protein to your daily routine… to feel stronger, healthier and more energized.

Try our Patriot Power Protein for yourself here

With more BCAAs, your body is bound to feel… A-OK. smiley

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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