Do THIS after you eat for better digestion

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of regular walks.

Walking is one of the absolute best forms of exercise you can do.

It helps your heart, brain, mood, joints… just about all of you.

Now research has found that the timing of your walk could extend the advantages of walking even further.

Back on the farm when I was a kid, after we’d finished dinner, mom would shoo us outside for a walk.

I thought she just wanted some peace and quiet to clean up… or wanted us to get some exercise before bed so we’d sleep better.

But maybe mom knew something we didn’t.

You see, several studies have shown that taking a walk after a meal can aid in digestion.

As it turns out, walking speeds the rate at which food moves through your stomach.

This helps your stomach and your brain get on the same page so you don’t overeat.

And faster digestion may even lower your chances of experiencing post-meal heartburn and other reflux symptoms.

If you have blood sugar concerns, you absolutely should try to walk after eating because the research has shown that just 10 minutes of walking after a meal helps control blood sugar in people with type-2 diabetes.

Essentially, walking after a meal clears glucose from the bloodstream to lower blood sugar.

So often after a large meal, we just want to sit in front of the TV, or take a nap.

But instead of plopping down on the sofa for the night, lace up your sneakers, grab your spouse, or grandkids, or even a friend, and head outside for a walk.

You’ll not help ease the bloating and fullness feeling after a large meal… you’ll also get enjoy some quality time with the folks you care most about.

Or if you’d like to try another natural way to provide fast relief to your stomach troubles…

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God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
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