Health benefits of horsetail

If you opened this email thinking I would be discussing horses and their behinds, I’m sorry to disappoint. (Though there are a lot of horse’s behinds I could talk about…)

But today I’m not talking about horses… or their tails.

Today’s topic is a plant, horsetail.

A very old plant.

Horsetail, or Equisetum arvense, is considered the oldest plant in the world, dating as far as the Triassic period.

That’s right.

Horsetail is so hardy, it’s survived over millennia.

This nonflowering super survivor is one odd-looking plant.

No leaves, just hollow stems and shoots that look a bit like asparagus at first.

As the plant dries, silica crystals form in the stems and branches, creating the look of feathery tails… thus the name horsetail.

The plant is perhaps best known as a diuretic.

In fact, it’s one of the best natural diuretics around.

One study even found that its diuretic effects were comparable to conventional diuretics with no impact to the liver and kidneys… and without the electrolyte imbalances often associated with conventional treatments.

The herb is also great for taming inflammation in the body.

That’s because horsetail herb is one of several herbs that contain kynurenic acid, or KYNA.

Low levels of KYNA in the synovial fluid… a liquid that lubricates your joints to keep them moving smoothly… has been associated with joint concerns.

Horsetail is also great for your hair, skin and nails due to its silica content.

Studies have found the herb can help with brittle nails… and even support hair growth.

And since silica plays an important role in your body’s creation of collagen, it’s great for your skin too.

Numerous studies have shown that horsetail ointments applied topically can aid in the healing of wounds and minor burns.

The potent botanical’s high silica content also makes it the herb of choice for urinary disorders in Western herbal medicine.

You see, silica is an astringent, meaning it helps muscles contract.

This helps tone and tighten bladder muscles and improve bladder control… and why horsetail is one of the superstar herbs in my new U-Control formula.

The potent trio of ingredients in U-Control have been researched and shown to reduce urinary frequency urgency and incontinence due to improved tone of the urinary bladder and pelvic floor.

Natural diuretic, great for hair skin and nails, and even a super supporter of urinary health… all backed by impressive research.

There’s really no reason to be a “neigh-sayer” to horsetail.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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