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Want to try a week’s supply of Patriot Power Greens in convenient single serving packs… for FREE?

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You’ll get 7 servings of nutritious and delicious Patriot Power Greens, individually packaged for quick & easy energy, even on the go.

Now, here’s why I’m doing this.

I was checking our customer records and saw that you haven’t tried Patriot Power Greens yet.

This surprised me. We shipped over 889,530 servings of Patriot Power Greens in just the first 5 months after we opened it up to the general public. And you didn’t get even one to try?

I feel like I’ve failed you a little. Here I have a fast and easy (and downright delicious) drink that delivers 40+ fruits & vegetables, probiotics, superfoods and digestive enzymes, and you’ve missed out on all that.

Whether you use it to start your day or keep you from sliding into that afternoon “slump,” I want you to see what the tens of thousands of Americans who just love their daily Greens are experiencing right this minute.

These convenient, pre-measured packs make enjoying your Greens even easier, and they’re easy to just toss in your bag, so you can get a nice boost of nutrition, even when you’re busy or traveling.

It’s like the nice folks at Costco who hand out free samples as you shop. Seems to work for them, the way people line up to get them…

I hope you love it, and pick up some more Patriot Power Greens in the future. If not, well… at least you got a nice freebie. Sound good?

Grab yours right here:

>>Sample Patriot Power Greens for free (just cover postage)

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Power Greens

P.S. A week’s worth of Greens like this is an over $12 value at the canister price… and these are individual servings that make taking your nutrition on the go so easy. So this is a pretty great deal if I do say so myself.

It’s 1st come, 1st served though. So click here to get yours now before they’re all gone.

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