Why Swedes have iron stomachs

Did you know Swedish people almost never get indigestion? It’s true.

According to one study, a mere 6% of Swedes suffer from persistent stomach problems.

(Meanwhile, nearly half of all Americans endure stubborn heartburn, nausea, and indigestion.)

The really strange part? Swedish folks eat some of the most stomach-churning food you can imagine…

  • Like messmor, a dairy spread that “smells like trench foot” …
  • Blodsopa, a soup made from clotted goose blood …
  • And lutvisk, a dish described as “rotten fish Jell-O in cream sauce.”

So what’s the secret behind Swedes’ cast-iron stomachs? Scientists think it could be an ancient herb called Angelica.

Angelica has been used for 2,000 years to ease indigestion, soothe a “sour stomach,” and relieve painful cramps.

And for good reason. According to modern scientific studies, Angelica may be one of the most powerful healing herbs on the planet.

You see, this holy herb fights stubborn digestive problems in three different ways.

For starters, it “warms up” your entire digestive system…

Would you try to drive your car on a bitterly cold winter morning without letting it warm up first?

Of course not. But if you’re 50 or over, that’s what you’re doing every time you eat.

Stick with me here… As you probably know, enzymes play a critical role in healthy digestion. In fact, without enzymes, you can’t digest food at all.

When you’re young, your body makes plenty of them—in fact, you start pumping them out whenever you see, smell, or even think about food.

As a result, your digestive system is always “warmed up,” running like a well-tuned engine on a warm spring day.

But as you get older, your levels of key digestive enzymes plummet.

The result: instead of “warming up” before a meal, your digestive system stays “cold.”

And that makes it much more likely that you’ll suffer from bloating… belching… heartburn… indigestion… nausea… and more.

If you suffer from stubborn constipation, most doctors will tell you to eat more fiber or take laxatives. But that’s the worst thing you can do!

Angelica helps relieve stubborn constipation without the side effects of fiber or laxatives.

Instead of bulking up your stool or triggering painful colon spasms, Angelica gently softens rock-hard poop.

Studies show it also “lubricates” your colon, making it even easier to pass stool without pain.

So instead of grunting and groaning to push out a rock-hard BM … or running to the bathroom in a panic…

You can enjoy regular, pain-free, strain-free bowel movements—and finally put your stubborn bathroom problems behind you!

As you can see, Angelica is a powerful weapon in the battle against your stubborn digestive problems.

That’s why I made sure to include it in Digestive Freedom Plus.

But Angelica is just the beginning…

Every drop of this brown bottle breakthrough also contains 12 more herbs—each one shown to fight stubborn digestive troubles.

The best part?

When you combine this “baker’s dozen” of healing remedies in the right amount, you get even better results.

In fact, the results are nothing short of miraculous: a least a dozen clinical trials show many of these holy herbs relieve – and even erase – digestive symptoms.

In one study, volunteers saw their stomach pain, gas, and heartburn improve dramatically in just weeks. And nearly 3 out 4 saw their symptoms disappear completely!

So what are these amazing herbs? Learn all about them here

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. Now reader Pierre isn’t Swedish (I’m guessing here) but he has discovered their secret, by way of Digestive Freedom Plus. And what a difference it’s made for him.

Take it away, Pierre… “My wife bought me your drops about three weeks ago. Prior to that, after meals I was bloated, sometimes very uncomfortably and bordering on pain. Also lots of heartburn. Since taking the drops it’s the difference between night and day. Now I don’t face meals with trepidation. You have a marvelous product. Many thanks!”

No, thank you for sharing, Pierre. And if you’d like to enjoy mealtime again without hesitation… follow Pierre’s lead, right here.

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