$18 billion wasted

A few months ago, I told you about a class action lawsuit a group of consumers filed against Nestlé Waters North America, the distributors of Poland Spring Bottled Water.

The plaintiffs argued that Nestlé had consistently misled customers by labeling Poland Spring as “100% spring water” when instead, “not one drop” complied with what the FDA considers spring water.

As expected, Nestlé tried to get the case dismissed, arguing that they’ve done nothing wrong.

Would you expect anything less from a big business that draws 4.5 billion annually from bottled water sales?

But guess what?

A U.S. district judge in Connecticut recently rejected Nestlé’s request to dismiss the suit, allowing the plaintiffs to pursue their lawsuit against the company.

Look, I’m not sure how the case will eventually play out.

I’m certainly no fan of false advertising and hope Poland Spring stops their deceptive practices.

But what I’d really like to stop is Americans wasting their hard-earned money on bottled water from companies like Poland Spring in the first place.

According to the International Bottled Water Association, U.S. consumers spend $18 billion on bottled water each year.

Now, I don’t care if it’s spring water, groundwater, or crystal, clear water from the island of Fiji.

That’s just wasteful.

Because the bottom line is you shouldn’t have to buy bottled water at all.

Filter your water at home and quit adding bottles to the landfill and lining Nestle’s pockets.

You can easily do that with the Patriot Pure Pitcher.

Cassie recently made the switch to the Patriot Pure Pitcher and sent me this great video to show how much she loves it… especially since it’s replaced the bottled water she used to serve to her clients at her salon.

In fact, by switching to the Patriot Pure Pitcher, Cassie has been able to reduce waste by 1,200 plastic water bottles.

Now, if you’re thinking about ditching your plastic water bottles for one of those “grocery store” pitchers like a BRITA, let me offer a word of caution.

You see, when it comes to hidden dangers — the invisible stuff you can’t see, smell or taste, but wreaks havoc on your body — these basic pitchers just can’t compare.

The fact is, there’s only one water pitcher I trust to keep my drinking water safe and clean… Patriot Pure Pitcher.

No worries of chlorine, fluoride, lead, and other contaminants that can harm your health.

No fancy packaging. No empty promises. No waste.

Just a cool, clear glass of refreshingly pure water, down to the last drop.


God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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4 thoughts on “$18 billion wasted

    1. I own a zero water filteration system, they use a 5 stage filter, how does the Patriot water filter compare, and cost.

  1. This brings up my question on Nestle’s Carnation Instant Breakfast for a cheap protein use instead of high priced Protein powders? I know it has sugar and is a product of big business but no one will answer my question. Maybe afraid of a suit?

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