Can you take the heat?

Living in Texas for as long as I did, I certainly had my share of spicy foods… and I loved them.

Foods with a kick can really set your mouth on fire. In a good way, I think.

It starts with a tingling sensation in your mouth… followed by a runny nose and eyes. Eventually your mouth and throat start to produce mucus.

It’s really amazing how the human body works.

You see, all this liquid being produced by your body is just its way of trying to wash away the invading “offensive” spice.

You might be surprised to learn that despite the fire and waterworks, all that heat may actually be benefiting your health in several ways.

The “fire” in hot sauce comes from capsaicin, an active compound found in chili peppers… all parts of the pepper, in fact, except the seeds.

Capsaicin is pretty well-known for easing pain.

The compound has the ability to lock onto pain receptors. And when it does that, these pain receptors become desensitized, and pain is decreased locally.

That’s why capsaicin is a key ingredient in many joint and muscle pain creams.

It’s also been used to ease headaches. And, Native Americans were known to rub their gums with peppers to relieve toothaches.

But capsaicin’s power doesn’t stop at pain relief.

Research from China has associated the consumption of capsaicin-containing spicy foods to lower mortality rates.

And, some health experts suggest capsaicin boosts heart and metabolic function.

Eating capsaicin has also been linked to weight loss.

One study even found that eating capsaicin may counteract the accumulation of visceral fat – the type of fat that builds up in your gut and around your organs.

And it certainly can open up clogged sinuses, and help you breathe easier if you’re congested.

Obviously, capsaicin isn’t for everyone.

Some people experience digestive problems when they consume foods with capsaicin.

But, if you can take the heat, pour on that hot sauce…

Your nose, your head, even your waistline may thank you!

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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