Hidden health risks in your home

Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries. A place to go to rest and enjoy time with our family.

But what if our homes are making us sick… literally?

Are these hidden dangers lurking in your house?

Every home has dust. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate completely.

Maybe you let it sit for a few days, or weeks, thinking it’s just a little dirt. What harm could it do?

Well, it turns out, a lot.

One study found that a pile of dust was laden with toxic chemicals.

You see, the chemicals in the everyday cleaning supplies we use to wash down counters and “freshen” the air settle on the floor and make their way into the dust.

And if we don’t stay on top of it, we continually expose ourselves, and our loved ones, to those toxins.

So, as annoying as it may be, keep up with regular dusting and help limit your exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Another hidden danger is fungi… in your pillows.

One study found that used pillows are home to a variety of fungi, including Aspergillus fumigatus, which can cause serious health problems to people with immunodeficiencies.

When was the last time replaced your pillows?

Experts suggest replacing polyester pillows every six months. Memory foam or feather pillows last a little longer, but should be replaced every 18-36 months.

Dust mites are another hidden danger in your bed.

Research shows there are as many as 110 mites per gram of mattress dust.

According to the American Lung Association, ongoing exposure to dust mites at home can dramatically harm the health of people with asthma and those who are allergic or particularly sensitive to mites.

To help lower dust mite exposure, encase mattresses and pillows with protective covers. And, replace your mattress every 10 years.

Do you burn candles or incense to enhance the smell of your home?

If so, you may be increasing the pollution levels of your home’s air.

One report issued by the EPA found that scented candles and incense can be a source of indoor pollution, and some could have negative effects on health.

The researchers found that burning candles with lead core wicks can create an air lead concentration that goes above EPA-suggested levels, and that incense smoke could be tied to cancers and contact dermatitis.

Incense smoke could also release enough benzene and other toxic particles to endanger health.

As an alternative, experts suggest using all-natural, vegetable wax candles which do not create toxic chemicals.

Fresh-cut flowers can certainly brighten a room, but that vase of water they sit in could be brimming with harmful bacteria.

Researchers have found that the water in a vase of cut flowers contains up to 41 different species of bacteria. And that bacteria can lead to infections and other health dangers.

Change the water of your vases every couple of days to lower bacteria build-up.

One last hidden danger around your home is your shower.

Did you know that in a quick 10-minute shower, you’ll absorb up to 8 glasses of water through your skin?

And as you’re washing up, the chlorine used to disinfect your water supply goes right into your bloodstream.

Chlorine in your shower water can irritate your eyes, lungs, sinuses, throat and skin. It makes you age faster, by creating dangerous free radicals. It’s bad for your arteries. And, it challenges your immune system.

Here’s the best way I’ve found to rid shower water of chlorine (and other harmful chemicals.

Watch a quick video about it here.

It’s impossible to eliminate every hidden risk from your home. But by tackling these hidden dangers, you can breathe easier knowing that you’ve made your home a healthier one.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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