If you want to feel young, visit Florida.

Chances are, there’s someone here older than you, no matter what your age.

And as we all watch the clock tick by, it’s worth asking yourself…

What can we do to not just live longer, but a healthier life?

Because reaching an age milestone is great. Doing it while you can still enjoy it is really the point, isn’t it?

New research suggests one possible answer… more seafood.

Researchers at Tufts studied the link between high consumption of omega-3 fatty acid rich fish and “healthy aging.”

What did they mean by “healthy?”

A “meaningful lifespan” free of chronic disease, and “with intact physical and mental function.”

A sound mind and body.

Now admittedly, the news on omegas, seafood and wellness is mixed. And there are a lot of reasons for that.

But one these researchers uncovered might be really important.

Because not only did they study the impact of the more well-known omegas, like DHA and EPA, but they also focused on another, called docosapentaenoic acid, or DPA.

And what they found is those with the highest DPA levels were 24% less likely to age “unhealthily” than those with the least.

Really, as your DPA goes up, your chance of living a healthier life goes up too.

Omegas help with blood pressure. They support keeping your heart rate in line. And most important, they impact inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the key factors in how well we age… or not.

We know that fish is healthy for us, but fish don’t exist in a vacuum. Even people who like the taste of fish sometimes steer clear of it for fear of heavy metals often present if you’re not careful about the source.

But it’s becoming clearer that more fish is better, and the benefits outweigh the risks.

If you prefer a fish oil supplement, you should be just as choosy as you are at the fish market.

Because a careful check of the labels often find no mention of DPA at all.

And that’s a problem. If you’re not eating fish or your fish oil doesn’t have it, you probably haven’t been getting much DPA since you were an infant.

Mother’s milk is 8% DPA, even higher than seal oil… one of the preferred foods of the Inuits of Greenland.

Studying these Greenlanders started the whole omega-3 craze in the first place.

I’m working on sourcing a high quality omega-3 product, one that captures the best of what’s available and follows the latest research.

I’ll keep you posted on that in the weeks to come.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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