Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (moving day edition)

As I sit here this morning before Karen’s even up, I have a lot on my mind.

Truth be told, it’s a little stressful.

I’ve never been a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of guy. So I’m doing my best to work through this carefully. Set goals. Evaluate the pros and cons.

And continue to breathe in, breathe out…

But the fact is, it’s likely the Reagan’s are on the move.

When you’re part of a “sandwich” part of life, with kids (albeit older ones) and aging parents, it’s undoubtedly tough.

Who should be your focus? And how do you choose?

Lately I’ve been wrestling with the possibility of a move to Florida.

Yes, I know all the jokes. And even the residents there can’t deny, Florida has a reputation for the bizarre.

There’s gators, pythons, hurricanes… heck, one of the places I’m looking at just had a kangaroo on the loose.

But it’s also where Karen’s parents are now. And they’re not getting any younger.

In fact, they could use some help.

In a way, what I’m going through underscores a lot of what I tell you each day. You need to take control of your health, prioritize doing good by your body, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if and when you need it.

From family, your doctor, clergy, even your kids… wherever and whoever can give you a boost.

But sometimes you’re on the receiving end of the call.

You learn a lot about yourself if you decide to listen… and what you decide to do once you hang up the phone.

That’s what I wrestle with today. And I’ll be honest – it helps just to write it down and share it.

Maybe I’ve taught myself something today too.

I’ll keep you posted.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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89 thoughts on “Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (moving day edition)

  1. I am living proof that a move to Florida can extend your life. I know the jokes about Florida being the “Land of the newlywed & nearly dead”. 80 years ago I was born in Vermont, spend my childhood in New England and suffered too many long winters to remember. Sure we have hurricanes but we also have the best weather and latest improvements on forecasting it. Come on down, you won’t regret it, and it gives your children & grandchildren an incentive to visit more.

  2. I’m in Florida helping my 97-year old mother. I miss my kids and grandkids in Montana very much, but FaceTime helps a lot. I just consider this time a real blessing to be able to give back to my mom all the love and care she has given me. I will be praying for both you and Karen as you enter into a new season in your lives. God bless!

  3. Going through a move too! Moving from the country to the city; closer to family and a smaller property where we can spend more time with people and less time working the land. Gives and takes! A good time to evaluate too much stuff and the best way to pass it on.
    For us it is a matter of what we need at this time of life. All the best in your decision, it’s never easy.

  4. I moved to Florida in ‘69 at age 24 and in 2011 moved to beautiful Vermont ( a really crazy place). Now , I have moved back to Florida last year where the living is easy and I am so happy to be back! You would love it .
    We are in Sarasota, Fla

  5. Florida ain’t so bad Jeff. I moved here 40 years ago from Maryland and I have not had to shovel snow one time since. I just made the move from southern Florida to the central part of the state so my wife could be closer. to her sister and her daughter and grandson. I did not want to move but it was family and I’m getting long in the tooth so it makes it easier for everyone. I am a retired cop and my wife is a retired nurse who is now in her second career as a real estate agent so if she can be of help to you let us know. Regards, Ron and Rosemary Voigt

  6. Jeff, the action you take now will influence the decisions your children may need to take in the future. An unselfish example is the best lesson. You will be that good example.

  7. Hi. I’m sorry to hear you are going through this time of big decision. I am an inland Texan, so the thought of Florida isn’t appealing. Move Karen’s parents near you? I am sure you have already considered it.
    My husband is in hospital from triple bypass and he is going to give me grief as I try to care for him. He isn’t willing to change his bad habits (not smoking thank goodness it’s not that.) It’s his recliner and junk food. His body is and has been such a mess in so many different ways because if his decisions. I’m a health nut, so it pains me and even makes me wonder about myself being in this situation.
    On last thing, I’ve been following the Dr. McDougall plan of eating. It’s vegan, starch-based, plant-based, whole-food. Do you have an opinion on this?
    Take care,

  8. Your Sunday Letter struck a bell today. Every phase of life brings its challenge. We retired 15 years ago and relocated to Florida. All the family is up North. Now we are at a point in life where being away may become more difficult for all. Seems we have these decisions to consider no matter our circumstances.
    Blessed Sunday

  9. My wife and I moved to FL 29 yrs ago as I retired partly because my Mother was in FL. We did not regret it. Our children all married can come and visit – theme parks always available for their kids and they do visit. Over time my mother passed and last year I lost my wife but I still have visitors and couple of our married moved to FL so I still have family here. I think you would enjoy FL and if you choose to join us more mature adults down here WELCOME!!

  10. I can definitely identify with today’s ” Sunday Thoughts “. Six years ago I left my beloved Arkansas and moved to FL to be closer to my declining mother. Fortunately for me one of my sons and his family also live here. My mom passed away four years ago so now I’m on the other end of those phone calls you referred to. Getting older isn’t for sissies, as my mom used to say, but it sure is nice to have kids and grandsons to help with the tough stuff.

  11. I have been in your shoes. My wifes mother was suffering with blindness caused my glaucoma, and the beginnings of Alzheimers. We uprooted and moved to Hawaii to be her caregiver. Welived there the last seven years, until she passed in November 2017. We arr sorry we lost her, but we recently moved back to Ohio, and Happy to be home. In this workd we ard called to do many things, some ehich ardn’t the most pleasant, bug we always do what we think is right.
    Good luck, and I am surr iou will make the right drcision fof you and your family.

  12. Jeff, it all depends on which area of Florida you move to. My family was the pioneer settling family of Osprey Florida in 1867. I have lived there twice now and I., too, am thinking about relocating back. If someplace along the Gulf Coast of Florida between Sarasota and Englewood, Fl. Is a possibility then I would highly recommend that area because, for some reason, that area is very rarely in the path of a major hurricane, I never saw any snakes in that area (other than non poisonous green snakes and black snakes) and the cost of living is great compared with many other areas. I have more info but I do not want to burden you or your staff down with reading it.

  13. Yes, we just made the big move to Florida. It took us three years of garage sales and craigslist to declutter a big house! Being older with crummy backs, I recommend moving as soon as you can. We wonder why we moved to such a hot and pro- hurricane place. The big house became such a burden, and now it has been lifted (sold). Here we are more active (walking, as swimming) and more social (we were such recluses before). Glad we did it, wish we did it sooner. We only made a small commitment- small mobile home in a nice park. If the storm comes and takes our “tin can” away, we will find another one to park in. Yes, it is a scary place, but more exciting too.

  14. Jeff, regarding your decision to move or not. Remember family is what is most important in life. Older family need the children to help them. It is biblical. Honor your mother and father . . . The alternative is to move them closer to you. I mean Nashville is the healthcare capital of the US!

  15. I “got” your Sunday message. I always enjoy your Sunday thoughts but this one really touched me so am sending you a note. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d live in Florida. It’s been 15 years now and I have never felt happier and more at home. The year round temps keep the oldsters outside – walking, bicycling, swimming, playing tennis, etc. Yes, there are alligators, pythons, and hurricanes. Connecticut had hurricanes and winter freezes that froze water pipes. Michigan had ice storms which meant no power for two weeks, tornadoes, and very little sunshine. I’ve lived many places including the Caribbean and they all have something to deal with as well as something good to offer. I love Brevard County which includes NASA and all the
    excitement of the space world. Love walking the beach for a morning sunrise. Yes, it’s a lot to be helping Mom but I have finally learned to stop and smell the roses… Can’t wait to hear your decision. Keep us all posted! 🙂

  16. Good Morning.

    Your Sunday thoughts today came at a perfect moment.

    We struggle with moving closer to kids or stay closer to aging parents. My Dad took another fall this week and was back in the hospital – luckily we only live 3.5 hours away. My siblings drove over 8 hours to get here. But we were all able to be there for our Dad.

    The big thought for us is – we are ageing as well and how will this affect our kids. Where will our help come from if the kids live far away and are still working?

    Change happens in life – some we control and some we don’t. One has to look carefully at those decisions as time marches on.

  17. We are blessed to live with all four generations within a 10 mile radius. We are in our seventies and my mother in law is 93! Several years ago we sold the family home and helped my youngest daughter to buy a new home with a comfortable apartment for us. Financially and as a lifestyle choice it has been a good choice. The other kids know that our “landlord” will receive most of our small estate at some time, but also know that they will take on most of the workload when we need assistance. Family is most important and you will not do wrong as you plan on helping your folks a perhaps someday being on the other end of the continuum. Happy Sunday and God Bless.

  18. Best of luck to you all, Jeff. I thought landing in Austin was your final move. It sure would be mine if I was to leave California.

  19. Nearly 10 years ago I found myself moving back to TX from NoCal. I decided to stop at my father’s for a few days….hadn’t seen him in a couple years. While there, I realized that he was not doing well on his own. Added to that, his friends were telling me that he seriously needed help. Being disabled myself, I had to decide if I could handle the responsibility of taking care of my father. He had Lewy Body Dementia & was declining fairly quickly. Ultimately I stayed. He was my father & though we did not get along at all, it was my duty to step up (where my 4 remaining sibs refused) & see to it that Pops was able to die at home as he so dearly wished.
    Yes, I have some regrets. I won’t deny that. But in the end, I did the right thing by Pops & was able to have him interred in the Sacramento Veteran’s Memorial Cemetary. He was a veteran of WW2, Korea & Vietnam & more than deserved to join his brothers-in-arms at their final resting place.
    As with anything in life, it is always best to do the right thing, no matter the consequences. It is rarely easy, but in the end, you will know you did your best.
    God’s blessings to you & yours…..may His light shine on you in this difficult time.

  20. We’re in the exact same spot. Thinking about moving to Florida. But we have one driving force: Family and grandkids (yes we’re the older ones – moving near our kids). Both our parents have passed and we’ve learned the most important thing in life is family! It keeps your life in balance; helps maintain mental acuity; grandkids keep you physically fit. Our concern should be to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit. Get the annual lab tests and shots we need to stay healthy. Be Christlike in our actions and deeds. Serve others with a heart full of love. This will bring balance and joy and purpose during our trails (growing old). Family, the most important part of a healthy life.
    Love your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. I very seldom share online but your thoughts are my thoughts on this beautiful sabbath day. ❤️🙏

  21. We have moved for parents and never have regretted helping and being there. Sometimes regret some situations but when help is needed we go. Right now we are helping out with my wife’s aunt. She is in her late 80’s. We will be here unless our Father directs us else where. Good luck and do what feels right.

  22. Jeff, there’s no write or wrong when you have too decide whether to move or stay put ❗ moving will be a stressful endeavor, leaving all your family and friends.It will be worth it in the long run.What would you want if it were you or your wife in need? Hope this makes which ever you decide easier🛐

  23. Stay in Texas move her parents……!
    Healthcare moves with you.
    Take the time to find someplace for you all to reside, if that’s what is needed. Just the last couple of years in Florida have not been the best, violence, the current devistaion and constant Hurricane worry cannot be comforting even for young people.
    There must be somewhere better (and safer) than Florida for your wife’s parents.
    Just my opinion.

  24. My friend, I know your thoughts. About 10 years back I was in the same place. I am a long haul trucker and my mother needed 24 hour home care. I had to find a local trucking company so I could be with her at night and on the weekends. I did that for 1 and a half years. Yes I slept on the floor at the end of her bed. We got her into a nursing home. And now back over the road. Would not change one minute of that time.
    Thanks for your advice and don’t stop.
    God bless.

  25. Like most people our age I start each day with a cup of coffee and surrounded by my cats, I think of what the Lord wants me to do this day. I ask for his help and his strength. I try to do only good and play it out during the day. Your move to Florida is already decided.
    You’ll help those who need you most and benefit from knowing it’s what the Lord Jesus would do.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts each day.
    Philco, Louisiana

  26. Jeff and Karen,
    I don’t know how anyone makes it through the challenges of life without Gods’ love and faith in His saving grace.
    We understand facing changes to allow for another unknown path. With my dear husband having to retire early from the worlds best piano company after we served with them for years here in all the states and in Great Britain ( we loved our time in London…living in downtown Westminster area ) but a stroke and progressive Parkinsons brought his changes rapidly and we have his Mom also to care (who @ 90 is very healthy, although dementia takes away reasoning and filters) making it harder for caregiving.
    All to say, we are helping each other make it through this journey daily…with abundant joy.
    Keep looking up, no matter the place we may call home.
    All the best, Shar in Nashville

  27. We have been having stress too thinking about a move to Florida or Arizona. Especially for the winter. Cant decide which and whether to keep small place where we are ( incline village NV). And then decide if it’s crazy to keep two places .
    It’s hard to realize about getting older as we have never done it before ! But it is becoming clear would be nice to have a one level place and it’s hard to get that here almost impossible ..
    We also want to find a conservative place to live .. could you move her to Arizona ? Pebble creek in Arizona is the place we are thinking of.
    There are places nearby people can get taken care of if something happens where your spouse needs to do that and then you still have your network of friends ..
    What area of Florida are you thinking ?
    We have been considering Sarasota/ Bradenton area and also the villages . Good health care nearby is a biggie ! The mayo clinic is in Scottsdale .

  28. Dear Jeff, about your sunshine state edition. I’ll be praying for you about your decision. I know how you feel. I live with my 85 yrs old mom. My dad has been gone for 11 yrs. Mom is in very good health for her age. Her faith and trust in God keep her that way but she still needs people here to do stuff around the house she don’t need to be doing. May God lead in His will and way and bless you and your family in Jesus name, amen. Thanks you for being a consistently caring person. Glen Kehr

  29. Tom and I have been there…….done that!!

    We moved from Florida to Georgia to care for his parents. My parents moved to Georgia to be near us. Now my daughter is here taking care of her 86 year old parents. If you have children you will be setting a good example for them to follow when you need help. May God bless you for your loving care.

    I love your articles. They are read first before anything I get in email!!!!

  30. G Jeff there are some much better places to go than Florida. Having several Family members who have escaped from there. Two are pretty happy with their move to the Smokey mountains area. I tell you honestly if I wasn’t so pleased with my doctors here, I would go myself. Just a thought.

  31. I am feeling for you as I am in a similar situation. I am getting offers from wife’s
    oldest daughter to move in with them from our small one bedroom in a BC
    housing complex to their 2 bedroom basement suite.Giving up our current
    convenient location with easy access to the community center and all local
    amenities with in walking distance.Hospital and my Dr’s all close.It is not an easy
    decision to make. walking is painful for me and unfortunately the products
    from Patriots Alliance have not brought the results I had hoped for.

  32. Going to church this morning after reading your daily blog which touch my heart. With pray a blessing for you and your loved ones.

  33. You are certainly welcome in Florida. We aren’t all gators, hurricanes and such. Central Florida is very pleasant and close to both coasts. It’s not all Disney either. Come on down ( or over), especially since you are an Ohiaan( tried to get the pronuciation right).

  34. I’ll be praying for your decision to move. I took care of my mom for 18 years with the last 4 being the most challenging since her care got more challenging for me. She passed away June of this year from vascular dementia in a memory impared assisted living facility at the age of 89. I don’t have any regrets. It has changed my life for the better. I am able to comfort others. You will too.

  35. Hi Jeff,
    Florida is a great place to live. I moved here from NYS 42 years ago. We live in Melbourne, where do Karen’s parents live? I don’t know about Texas but it gets very warm here, and still is! Moving is a big step, give it a lot of thought. Love your notes to us.

  36. Mr. Jeff – You are a good person at heart as reflected in your Sunday letters and ads. You are concerned for the world not just because of your business but because you truly care. While being concerned for your current situation in life, you cannot help but also think about your wife’s parents and your need to probably move to Florida. It may not be customary here in America for the younger to really care for the older in the family but you are an exception and I am proud of you!

    I have been enjoying the emergency food kits I ordered from your company – couldn’t wait to taste them and they are OK – I also received your Patriot Flex yesterday and tried it last night – it was helpful.
    You have very good and helpful products only I could not afford to buy them as I am on limited income -just my SS. But am surviving in life by being frugal – and am happy in life!

    I hope that you and Karen are also enjoying my monthly slideshow “Quiet Reflections” – which I send out to friends and acquaintances – in spite of English not being my mother tongue and religious affiliation. My primary aim is to give encouragement and hope to my readers – especially at this time of our troublous world.

    May God continue to bless your business – by the way my best friend lives in Ooltewah – and I’ve been to TN twice for vacation with her family! She is a wonderful concert pianist and he is retired from the army! Very nice people!


  37. Jeff,
    Just remember to look at all your options. Them moving close to you? Assisted living, either Florida or Texas? Use whatever works for your situation. We have gone through and are going through these same things, only with much shorter distances.
    Good Luck,
    Ken Evans

  38. Dear Mr Reagan — I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoy your Sunday thoughts. They are “thoughtful” and your writing is honest, clear and transparently heartfelt. It’s obvious you are a good, kind man. Karen is lucky to have you in her life. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Jeff – Why not move the parents to Texas? Uprooting is always emotional but hurricanes are less probable in Austin, and elderly I know who moved there from the coast love it…once you get them there.

  40. Good Morning, Jeff,

    God Bless You! None of us know how much thread remains on our own spool of life, but those who preceded us and still remain with us are to be revered. It will be your position in turn to be appreciated in the same way as you take their rank in time. The decision to move closer requires much of you. Honoring parents is not fashionable for our younger generation, oblivious as they are of their own fate in time. You likely already sense that as well. I am reminded of the reverence shown for elders in Holland, where even the very architecture reflects consideration for elders. We could do well too do that in this country.

  41. Jeff Reagan, you must be a relative of Ronald Reagan and his kind of common sense. Only kidding. I enjoy your emails so very much, and I think when we do we should tell you so. God will bless you and your decision to move to Florida. You certainly have a good reason to do so. I have enjoyed the products you have available. I am 83 and next Dec. will be 84. A widow. 2 sons, 4 granddaughters, 8 greats. I started Oct. 4th on the After 50 diet and have lost 6 lbs. I think that is wonderful since I haven’t been able to lose one lb. in years. Thank you Jeff (that the name of my youngest son) and God bless you.

  42. Maybe it’s Karen’s folks that need to be on the move. You just moved yourselves and seem to love your church and community. I imagine there are facilities near you that would be ideal for them nearby…..just a thought!

  43. Hi Jeff,

    I wish you good luck in making this very hard decision. Just a note to let you know I have lived in Florida all my life, and honestly I cannot imagine living any else. Everywhere you live in this world one faces some kind of peril, be it hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, tsunami, severe heat or cold. My suggestion is to let God direct in what to do in this situation. I, myself, have had my mother live with me since my father passed (39 years ago), as she was left with my 10 year old brother and no money except the very small home that I grew up in (since 1957). She is now 94 years old with a very sharp mind, but her body is failing her because of Neuropathy . If I had it to do all over again, would I? Absolutely!

    God Bless,
    Tammie Andersen
    North Redington Beach, FL

  44. I can relate to all of the above. At age 83, I just retired from work. My 2nd husband a wonderful Christian man passed away last Dec. May my oldest son’s wife passed away in May. Neither my son or my precious granddaughter are in really good health mostly due to the stress of taking care of wife/mother for the past 6 yrs. My lease was due to be renewed & my 3 other children took a vote & said Mom they need you up there & it’s time for you to retire. Now up there is in the beautiful town of Moscow, Idaho, I live in Frisco TX 2,000 miles away. Being a health nut I am leaving to move lock stock & barrel to Moscow to be with them & hopefully help them with their health. So with me it’s just the revere, I’m going to help the young ones. God is good, ALL the Time. Bless you in your move. My daughter & a friend are here right now packing everything for my move. It may take me months to find things after I arrive. (I’m smiling with that statement) Always enjoy your daily e-mail!! God Bless.

  45. Read your column every day and enjoy it. Trying Patriot Greens now. Sorry to hear you are considering a move to Florida. We have lived there twice and it is not a nice place to live compared to Arizona. Between the humidity, bugs, hurricanes, and millions of people, it is no fun. You really need to check out Sun City in Arizona. No humidity, no bugs, no hurricanes, and so many amenities, it’s hard to name them all. We moved my aging parents from Florida to Arizona to an assisted living home out here and they loved it. We have lived all over the USA and have been in Phoenix for 17 years, and this is the best. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks for your work with 4 Patriots. Pam Blanche

  46. I like your ideas and beliefs. My problem is finances. I’ll be 69 in December. When I got marries (years ago) my father told my future husband that he wasn’t to make me go to work, as my job was to take care of the home and children. His heart was in the right place, but it didn’t put much money in Social Security. My husband left me when my health began to deteriorate and just up and left after almost 30 years of marriage. To make a long, painful story as short as possible, I get less than a thousand dollars a month from my social security and my spousal share of his, plus a little for my share of his pension…….making a grand total of $920 a month. I have had both knees replaced, back surgery to fix a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and half my thyroid removed because the doctors thought I had thyroid cancer. My chronic pain is dragging me down, especially during the cold Ohio months. My questions to you: what do you think about medical marijuana? Doctors have been pushing opioids onto me since the early 80’s and now I’m allergic to all pain meds…..even Tylonal. Also, if you are planning to move to Florida, where do you think is the safest area to go? I want to get away from as much pollution as possible and start eating more healthy by growing my own.

  47. Jeff, don’t believe everything you hear. Moved here fro PA. 3 years ago and love it. Stay away from the citys (Miami, Jacksonville etc.). Check out zMelbourne FL. Houses are still cheap, great schools and cheap electric. Summer electric bill (AC, pool pump etc.) up north $375 – $450 a month. Here in Melbourne the largest bill was $135.00 a month. Great restaurants, beaches, schools. Only minutes from port Canaveral (they launch about 2x a month), CoCo beach etc.

  48. Jeff,
    Florida’s not as bad as some say. I live in Cocoa Beach (Relaxing, slow pace)…..
    It’s a melting pot of people from various places, cultures, etc….
    Being a Veteran, I see the need for the youth to mature and do some service to our country…. Out of my hands…
    I’d love to have a good Doctor, who’s well rounded in medicine and alternatives….
    Pray about everything…. : )

  49. Dear Jeff,
    I have read and reread your Sunday 10/14 letter and a question comes to my mind. Has Mom and Pop considered moving to where the kids live? It’s my guess that most of the siblings in the same situation are still working which would mean a job change. This could have its problems. Good old Jeff can move, his job can be done wherever he lives. These comments are from a 95-year-old who has been at this life’s crossroad. I await your 2nd chapter.
    Owen Renner

  50. Please consider carefully before you move because her parents are somewhere you all are not. We knew my parents would soon require retirement homes (which would necessitate them moving from their homes and neighborhoods anyway). We found good places for them within driving distance from us. We were still able to keep our own support groups, church, docs, dentists etc. and got a better handle on what care they were getting.

  51. Hi Jeff, I just read your Sunday Post, and I thought I would tell you about a situation I was in a few years ago. I had a work related injury that kept me from working and had to move to my parents house. A short time after I had moved back in ( not very easy to do at my age), my mother found out that she had cancer. I have been taking care of both my Mom and Dad for last 3 years. I am not going to say its been an easy thing to do, but its been great to be able to give back to them. Mom is doing better and has been “cancer free” for almost one (1) year, and both of parents are healthy. From time to time they still need some help and I am glad to be here for them. I know that picking up and moving is a pain, but sometimes the rewards are for the better. I hope this will help you with your situation. Your friend and loyal customer, Gary Monkres

  52. I have lived in Miami all of my life. Also as a kid my family lived with me in St. Petersburg and Daytona beach. Florida is a great place to live. Titusville is very laid-back. Also a lot of stuff to do in that little town related to Cape Canaveral and the warbirds.

  53. Hi JEFF, Just a thought. Is it possible for your folks to move where you are? We are grandparents and have three sons and I doubt that they would move where we are. We have discussed many times about moving closer to one of my sons if we need to but we are ok so far. We are a very close family but with their careers and businesses it would be impossible for them to move near us. Maybe you could get some help for them there where they live. That is what a friend of ours is doing.
    But, you have to feel comfortable with that. Good luck!🙂

  54. Mr. Reagan,
    First, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Karen, and her family. You never did say where in Fl your family lives. My wife and I live in Jacksonville. She has a sister in Tampa and a nephew in Bushnell.
    Yes Fl has its quirks. After Irma and Matthew hit I bought the solar-powered diamond x generator.. we did not need it this year. (so far, it is only Oct 14). I will probably buy the add-on battery if the price comes down; along with additional panels. My point is, Hurricanes would be the major concern about Fl you should be aware of the most in my eyes. Power loss of days to even weeks are a pain. No area in Fl is immune from Hurricanes – Jax proved that with Matthew and Irma. Until these 2, we had gotten complacent. Now Mexico beach and the Panhandle are recovering from devastating Michael.
    You also did not mention their health or their ability/desire to move away. An area should have plenty of hospitals. To make this short we would be glad to offer you information if you are going to be in or near the areas mentioned earlier. Feel free to email me if we can be of service

  55. This is our comment vs reply ?
    We ourselves are no getting any younger!
    We live in Beaverton, Oregon.d f
    We have no family here only gooGod
    riends and
    a great Church and also 5 supermarkets near by.

    Our oldest daughter lives in AZ.
    She want us to move there !
    We want to stay here and go there when is cold here !
    is cold here, we want to stay here !

  56. Jeff
    Moving to take care of aging parents is a tough decision. I took early retirement and my wife and I moved back home to help her parents. That was in 2005, they died in 2009. I took a decrease in retirement income that I am missing today as prices increase but for us it was a good decision. Don’t move with fixed ideas about what will happen and how things are going to work. Things will not work like you expect them too. That is a given. Old people can be argumentative, resentful, uncooperative but also grateful, caring, sharing and a whole world of everything inbetween. That is life. I will pray for you and your family to make the right decision for your circumstances.

  57. Hi Jeff,
    I have been where you are now, This decision must be made,
    I would add a few considerations about moving.
    1. Are your parents anywhere near the Coast no closer than 100 miles for everyone’s safety ?? If parents are not safe move them. The most important thing for them is your well being..
    2. Can you find a house with an apartment For a live-in helper or for your parents. You are going to need help at our age we can not lift, bathe, and all the vital care they need because you could fall or really hurt yourself. (Experienced )
    You must consider all the factors and know you must stay healthy for them, your children, grandkids.

  58. I live where we have gators coyotes and hurricanes and more .I flooded from hurricanes four times.I don’t live in Florida I live in bayou country in louisiana .Jeff,I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. God has been so good to me I’m truly blessed.I trust Him completely.He always leaves me better off then the time before.I am a widow and I don’t worry to much. Jeff , give it to Jesus and He will take care of it for you He always does. Your friend-Brenda

  59. I went to my mom and dad used to take care of them. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done however it was also one of the most blessed things I’ve ever done. I was there for seven years and I was pooped out at the end and sometimes you think you could make it with a live keeps going. I will never regret it.

  60. Just try daily to remember “The Lord is my Shepherd”. He will lead you and guide you to exactly where you need to be. He knows what’s best for each of us. We just need to trust in Him and listen to the voice of his Spirit as he speaks to us. When we do we will know the right thing to do and find peace in the decisions made.
    May God bless you in your days ahead.

  61. when we moved from Mn to Az. my mom came to live with us—-such a blessing. But if she had decided not to come , we would not of moved. I knew as she got older she would need me to be closer. It has been one and half year since she passed. she was 93.

  62. I agree with you, when it comes to taking care of our health! I just buried my sweet husband 2-1/2 weeks ago, a victim of Alzheimer’s. While it’s necessary for al of us to deal with such problems as we “mature,” it doesn’t mean all is lost.
    After doing lots of research, reading, and “picking the brains” of MD’s, it’s obvious NO ONE really knows how to avoid, treat, or cure Alzheimer’s. A book titled, “The Alzheimer’s Solution” by Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, M.D., agrees with the other MD’s with whom I spoke on how to care for our health. They use an Acronym “NEURO:” N for Nutrition (protein, vegetables, fruit, and dairy), E for exercise – every day, U for unwind (Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi), R for renew (learn a new language, skill, or game, and O for optimize (build and/or strengthen your social support system of family and friends).
    As I’m sure you already know, there is a genetic proponent, the APOE-4 gene. We each get an APOE gene from each parent, one from mom and one from dad. If we get one or two APOE-2 or APOE-3 genes, all is well. If we inherit one APOE – 4 gene our probability for Alzheimer’s goes up 25%. If we inherit two APOE – 4 genes – one from each parent, the probability goes up 55%. While that’s not a guarantee we’ll get Alzheimer’s, it is a combination that’s not in our favor..
    So, I’m choosing to follow the “NEURO” outline, and I know I feel good, am told I look good, and that works for me!

  63. Hi Jeff .. It’s Charlene .. I can relate to your struggles right now with parents .. Priorities are aging parents .. No doubt you and your bride have done everything possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that goes for parents as we do take care of them, even from a distance.. I hope you and Karen will be happy in Florida .. I will continue to order product and look forward to your emails .. God bless you and your family

  64. Good luck to you Jeff. I just did it myself, after 46 years in Texas. Returned to being a cracker. Some say a FL native cannot ever “not” be a cracker. Wasn’t born in TX but I got there as fast as I could. For me it was fairly easy, with no child or wife remaining alive and family in FL. Mothers don’t live forever and mine is 94. Time with parents is likely to be far more limited than time with children, as I figure it.

    One thing you may find daunting is the real estate market. Particularly central FL has been incredibly hot. Don’t think I would be here yet if I had not found a weird house. 2 story, too small, and too expensive. Made of logs on 4 acres of organic jungle and served by a comcast cable. Get a good realtor to help you hunt…

  65. Have you considered staying where you are and bringing your in-laws to live near you there? Given what just happened in Florida (hurricane Michael), similar events in or near that area in the last 20 years (Irma, Florence Katrina), and the near certainty that these coastal events will become more frequent and more devastating in the coming years, you would probably all be safer in central Texas. Other than excessive heat that area doesn’t seem to be plague by dangerous or destructive weather events – certainly nothing comparable to the coastal hurricanes lying in wait for Florida as ocean temps and levels rise.

  66. Jeff, I can sympathize with your situation. Having endured divorce, 2 near death motorcycle accidents, child custody fight, job loss, bankruptcy, and 3 yr battle for disability, all since 2003! I’ve had to move in with my 82 yr old Mom and 20 yr old daughter just to survive! To say that I can understand your stress, btw my mother has congestive heart failure, would be an understatement! I will be 63 on the 25th of the month and, lately, it seems as if everything happens at the same time. Being on disability, you might think I could relax a little, knowing that I don’t have to worry about going to work but, wrong! Disability just doesn’t cover enough of my bills. By the end of the 3rd week of the month, out of money! Can’t help but worry and be stressed out! With all that said, just know I understand and am with you! Be blessed and try, as I do, to just keep moving. A little humor for you, there is no tomorrow, for by the time it gets here it’s today. Take care, Phil

  67. Jeff,
    We have been involved in the care of elderly parents and an aunt, in our home, and, if your present house will accommodate it, and YOU can accommodate it, the best solution is to have them move in with you. Some work to get things working smoothly, but worth it, in the end. My wife’s parents did it a little differently, they added a “condo” onto the back of their house to accommodate her mother, where they could help as needed, since their house was too small. My mother built a house next door to us, and we were able to help as needed. My wife’s brother’s daughter and her husband bought a home close to them for her parents to live, for as long as they can. But the house is in their names. Are your parents amenable to moving near you? Or, do they not want to consider this? It is better for them to move, since it is likely they have fewer years ahead, rather than you, unless housing or economics prevent this..

  68. Jeff you are really not wrestling with this. You knew in an instant what you were going to do. You are certainly strong enough to see it through. I know this because of what you share with us. Thank you for your thoughts. I read all of them. May you and Karen enjoy your new grand adventure.

  69. Dear Jeff,

    I’m on the opposite side of what you’re contemplating. My daughter and son-in-law have just moved back to Florida for both their health. As mom, I’ve certainly tried to help there and truth be told, they’ve helped me too.

    It can certainly be a big decision, but trust that still, small voice and you’ll never go wrong.

    Recently bought your 3 months Food4Patriots supply. My son-in-law was impressed. So glad I could get it on payment plan you had. Thanks, being on disability is tough to put out money sometimes, but that helped a lot!

    Hope in the future I might be able to do the same with your water filtration unit and air purifier.

    Be blessed and I believe God will bless you with your decision to move to Florida. Ironically, you just missed Hurricane Michael… LOL!

    Sincerely, Jackie

  70. Love your Sunday Thoughts. As for making big life changes, I use prayer. Just ask God to lead and guide and usually you will feel a sense of peace and know if you are doing the right thing. Sounds like the parents will win and they probably should – they took care of you when you were unable to care for yourself. Hope all works out for the best.

  71. I would NOT move to Florida,for any reason! Not trying to be a “Smarty Pants” Jeff ;BUT, I believe that you could swing it ,from a financial advantage point ! So move them up to where you Live!! I am sure it would be less expensive and much safer where you are! Just a thought…. Don’t know if you were looking for alternative ideas;so, I just offered my in case. Thanks Jeff, for all you do to keep so many Folks Healthy! GOD BLESS you and yours. In JESUS’ name AMEN!

  72. Jeff , I read your emails often and want to encourage you to continue to pray for direction in your sandwich decision quote. He will use his Holy Spirit to direct you if you just see Him. And just follow what you know in your heart he saying for you to do. God bless you, your wife, Family and most of all your parents right now! Linda

  73. I am considered to be very healthy and some guess my age to be in the sixties even when I’m fact I am eighty-two. Whoa this I wake up thinking about and greatly concerns me is… why re my four children in such worse health than me? One has Lupus plus two other autoimmune diseases. The other three all have serious health problems and friends my age tell me the same stories about their grown children.

  74. We live in the panhandle of Florida and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!!! Opal, Ivan Michael plus tropical storms galore…we still want to be right here!!!😊

  75. Well Jeff whatever you decide I pray you Gods protecting blessings & the best of luck! You’ve been a very valuable resource and inspiration to me, Thankyou sincerely
    Eddie Rodriguez

  76. 10-16-18

    I just read your “Moving Day Edition” of your Sunday Newsletter. Sorry to hear about Karens’ parents getting to the point in life of needing occasional help in Florida. Based on my life experiences, wouldn’t it be worth considering moving your inlaws closer to you?

    My inlaws were the only family I really had when we got married. I always did what I could for them, as they only lived 5 to 6 miles away. Their health took a turn for the worse health wise. I was working 16 hour days between 6 + 7 days a week. Thus, the Wife and me made the decision + moved her Father, Mother and Retarded Brother into our home with us as they had little money. I retired after 32 years full service. Her entire family is now gone. My wife died in 2013 of cancer. We were married for 38 years.

    Where you live now it is easier to find care + everything for Karens Mother + Father?

    I am one of Patriots customers and am also long winded. I like all your products I have purchased so far!

    May the powers be with you,

  77. Other folks I’ve known who moved to Florida offer this advice:
    Don’t sell your old house for at least 6 months…
    Don’t donate all your old warm clothes when you leave….
    You might be back!

  78. Jeff, just wanted to say that I am sorry you are going through this struggle. It would be so easy to say, “Bring her folks to live near you,” but I know when we get older the people around us and our surroundings bring comfort and familiarity, and, sometimes, when a move comes towards the end of life, it takes a huge toll. I’m also aware that you and Karen are just getting your feet firmly on the ground there, having made new connections, friends, church groups. I have faith that whichever you chose, it will be the correct one for all.

    God bless you, my friend, for that’s what I feel you are.


  79. Jeff, the only problem I see is, the quality of living down there. No one mentions that right now they have a serious problem with air quality. Not from the hurricane….but from the water…the blue green algea, is bad enough…but then the red tide…which is deadly…and we’re talking spores that are released from them…and they are already killing the marine animals. We visited my friends brother in Tallahassee. He is getting ready to move out of there and he has lived there over 15 yrs. The storms don’t bother him but when I told him we couldn’t come down to visit because of the air quality, he was shocked…but then he looked into it. there are other reasons he is moving but this just brought everything to the front. We went to see them this yr….but will not be going back there.

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