The New York Times doesn’t care about you

I don’t know what Jane Brody of the New York Times is smoking.

But whatever it is, she’s been at it for years. And it’s got her completely muddled in the head.

If you come across something in this paper that fits this profile, it’s likely she wrote it:

  1. Full of gross generalizations
  2. Poorly researched
  3. Absurdly inaccurate conclusions
  4. Defends the status quo or conventional medicine
  5. Just plain nonsense

She’s been at this game for a long time. Slamming supplements using cherry picked studies. Drumming up wild scare stories about this food or that.

And hardly bothering to do the heavy lifting that used to be what “journalism” was about.

One of her latest bits of hooey was entitled “Why Take Advice from a Cave Man?”

If you hadn’t guessed, it was her way of saying that a Paleo way of eating doesn’t work.

Well, I can tell you from personal experience that it does. I can tell you from Dr. Sebring’s experience that it does.

And what makes me the maddest is she’s basing this “helpful” article on her usual brand of slop.

First, she says that reducing carbs and eating more vegetables, lean meats, seeds etc. – the real basis of what it means to eat Paleo (or probably, modified Paleo as I would recommend)… there’s no evidence for it.

“In the Paleo era, people ran around all day and rarely lived past 40, so their risk of developing the so-called diseases of civilization is unknown.”

Are there editors at the New York Times? Because while overall life expectancy has gone up considerably over the years, one of the main reasons is because infant mortality has gone way down.

Put another way, cave babies had a hard time of it.

She also cautions that Paleo recommends too much protein. Which honestly, unless you have a pre-existing kidney condition… you likely need more protein than you’re getting.

Especially if it’s healthy proteins.

But that’s not even the worst part of this drivel.

She basically says that eating Paleo or any special, whole food diet is “impractical”… so don’t bother.

How will you get the kids to school or get yourself to work if you fix a healthy breakfast? What on earth will you do if you eat out… or dine at a friend’s house?

And can you “live happily without a piece of bread, cracker or, heaven forfend, a serving of ice cream?”

This is grade A horse hockey.

We shouldn’t try to eat healthy because it’s too inconvenient? It’s convenience foods that have led to half of America dealing with a chronic disease.

And really, I don’t think anyone who is in tune with their diet, be it Paleo, whole food, Mediterranean, vegetarian… whatever floats your boat… you don’t need to be a 100% zealot to see vast health improvements.

For the love of Pete, if you clean up your diet and then treat yourself with ice cream on Sunday, Amen.

The “Paleo Police” won’t be knocking at your door, after all.

You’re a far stretch better off than if you listen to Jane Brody’s low fat, ADA-based grain-heavy recommendations.

Most people will read articles like Jane’s and drink it in as full of truth.

But I know you better.

You’re learning more each day about how to eat, move and live your life in a way that supports your life, your freedom and your independence.

As for Jane… I hope she retires soon before she does any more damage.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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12 thoughts on “The New York Times doesn’t care about you

  1. This is why you can’t trust the mainstream world. They say the same crap about keto. Most of the nay sayers are overweight, unhealthy, and look like walruses. Amen to this article. These people need to stop profiting from organizations designed to keep you hooked and sick. They’re cancer causers and the world could use some vitamin c.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    My wife and I have been taking your Patriot Power Greens for a couple of years now. We are both past the 65 mark and still working full time at our small businesses, I clean carpets, and she drives for a ride share company, often 60+ hours a week.
    We stopped taking the power greens supplement for a couple of months once. That won’t happen again!! We have just ordered a 5 month, each, supply of the protein powder.
    After reading the symptoms of protein deficiency I was shocked to see that the list described me.
    We love your products, and your customer service people are the greatest. Always friendly and helpful.
    May God bless you and keep you safe.

  3. I seldom pay any attention to opinions of others. I make my own decisions about my life and my diet. I am a very young 79 and my husband is 81. We still do most of the things we did when we were young. I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs…well, but I am addicted to pastries and am trying to battle that. We all die; we all have an expiration date taped to us somewhere and we all will leave, quietly or kicking and screaming. I have given up trying to change anyone’s mind.

  4. all you had to say to me was NY Times, this is the same paper that denied their was a holocaust, and named Lenin Man of the Year. it is a paper that has zero journalistic integrity. keep up the great work Jeff. Us cave people are better off for it.

  5. Oh my gosh, Jeff, I couldn’t agree with you more! And yes, she’s definitely not “bothering to do the heavy lifting that used to be what “journalism” was about”, as you so perfectly stated it. And while I’m here, I also have to say that I’m sure glad everything turned out okay for that curious pooch who ate the avocado seed! : )

  6. Hey Jeff,

    I absolutely love Digestive Freedom Plus. Before I started taking it, I was taking 10-15 Tums a day. Nothing else worked. Digestive Freedom Plus has GREATLY cut down on my heartburn. While it’s not completely gone, I am able to manage it easily with a sip of baking soda when it does come on. This is such a huge change for me, and I am so thankful!!!

    I just have one suggestion. I would love the dropper to have a line to mark out the 20 drops. It would make life just a little bit easier,

    Thank you again for your commitment to helping others get back their health. I look forward to your daily emails!

  7. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy that fabulous
    turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a slice of pumpkin pie
    with icecream for desert and ignore Jane.
    John M

  8. I totally agree with you regarding what you say about Jane Brody’s advice. My husband and I have been eating Keto for several years and feel great. We both lost weight as well. I am amazed at how pervasive the low fat, so called healthy whole grain diet still is, given all of the evidence to the contrary. I wonder if the ADA will ever look honestly at what they are recommemding?

  9. Keep goin with the truth Jeff.I was looking at my husbands hair at the back of his head and he has dark hair coming in with the gray hes had since he turned45.Hes been taking Power Greens for about 6 months.God bless you.

  10. I don’t read the New York Times (Slimes) for just this reason – they don’t research anything and don’t do any worthwhile editing; it’s all about promoting a specific set of agendas. I underwent cancer surgery for malignant Melanoma in February of 2017, with four growths and affected lymph nodes removed. I had been taking Patriot Power Greens for a couple months prior to the discovery of cancer. My wife and I chose to subscribe to the ‘Flat Belly after 50’ diet plan shortly after my surgery (successful – still cancer free 18 months later!) and it made a SIGNIFICANT difference in our health. We’d been the typical ‘convenience’ food eaters – processed frozen foods, hamburger-helper type meals for years. After FBA50, I lost 40# (I was 187 lbs on a 5′-9″ frame) and my wife lost 25 lbs on her 5′-3″ body. I stopped taking blood pressure and cholesterol medications at that time as well. At my annual physical six months later, my primary care physician of 30 years was impressed. My ‘good’ cholesterol was up and my bad was down. In fact, he admitted he’d never seen such a ‘positive swing; in cholesterol numbers in his career. My BP was ‘borderline’ but I’d told him I’d not taken the two BP meds since my surgery and he admitted, “Whatever you’re doing – keep it up!” So to the NY Times – a Paleo diet DOES work!

  11. Jeff,

    Please continue doing what you’ve been doing and just ignore the noise from the NY Times. It used to be a very good reliable newspaper, one of the best in the country. Those days are long gone. Keep up all the great work you’re doing for your readers.

    Take care,

    Michael Stein

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