Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (care less, not careless edition)

Something happened to me the other day that I thought I’d share.

Not because I feel like ranting about it.

Ok, maybe just a little. Or at one point, it felt like a rant but now I’ve… evolved.

But mostly because it illustrates a point I think is important.

I had pulled my truck into the parking lot of the local grocery store, and coincidentally… I pulled in next to a neighbor of mine.

He’ll remain nameless, as much as I’d like to call him out a little.

As I got out of the truck, he was getting in his. And as we wrapped up our “how’re you doings,” and he prepared to drive away, he said…

“When’s the last time you washed that truck of yours?”

I think he was trying to be funny. And ok, the truck was a little grimy. But what surprised me was my reaction.

I steamed about it the whole time I was walking up and down the grocery aisles.

To make matters worse, the distraction meant I forgot some things I was going to buy… and I had to make a second trip back after I got home.

I’ve been busy. There were things that were more important than washing the truck. Etc. Etc. And what business was it of HIS in the first place?

Eventually I reached the conclusion that if my neighbor has the time to worry about my truck being dirty, that’s his problem, not mine.

I knew all this inside already of course. But the comment still bugged me.

My point is: to survive in this world, you have to care less about little encounters like this. Set aside the trivial things that irk us every day.

You have to know who you are and yes… be OK with that.

Caring less will protect your sanity. (And prevent second trips to the grocery store.)

But I don’t mean being “careless” when I tell you to “care less.”

Careless people are negligent. Complacent. They don’t pull their weight. They don’t respect others. They don’t see their role in being a part of a team, a family, a congregation, a community.

But being a little more care free is the opposite. It’s caring about the stuff that counts.

And kicking to the curb the stuff that doesn’t.

My dad used to say “Do your best and don’t sweat the rest.”

I wish I could remember that all the time.

Because once you know what you value, you can decide what to care more about.

And where to care less.

This is the ultimate in personal freedom.

Doing the things that feed you. And setting aside the minor nonsense that doesn’t.

Something to think about.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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44 thoughts on “Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (care less, not careless edition)

  1. Hey Jeff, I have a tee shirt that I wear that says “Oh Lord please give me the strenght to put up with the people who are going to piss me off today”, just love it!

  2. I love how you share your every day experiences & life lessons that you glean from them. I enjoy your quirky sense of humor & personal honesty. Thanks for making this world a more loving, honest & humorous place to be!

  3. Hi,
    I have found that as I have committed to Jesus as my Saviour through faith, He leads me through the ‘careless’ and guides me to the ‘care less’ component! God bless you too and thank you for your wise words.

  4. Thanks, Jeff, for that great reminder. Good words, and especially much so these days of increasing stressors in our world.

  5. I can’t believe you would allow yourself to get upset by some casual acquaintance’s comment about your truck. After the stress of the last two weeks watching public figures run around saying essentially “You are no longer presumed to be innocent until proved guilty, you are now presumed to be guilty unless you can prove your innocence”. My answer to him would be “It hasn’t rained yet.”

  6. Wow, this message is a keeper for sure! One that would do us all well to read every now and then. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. And have a very blessed and care free Sunday. 🙂

  7. It is very simple for me being a Christian. And when I say that, I am talking about being one whom bases his life on Faith. Not, those that base their lives on some Religious Doctrine. Since I believe Christ was a Sinless man that died for ALL of Man kinds sins up to and including ADAM’s original sin. That I will put my trust in him, GOD’s beloved son. The World hated Christ. Why would I not expect stupidity and hatred directed towards me from worldly people? Being a Christian. When you look at the actions of others towards you and the rest of the world, based on the teachings (scriptures), you look at things a bit different and don’t take rude comments or actions personally. Yea, I get it sometimes we are weak and want to punch some idiot out. But, if we realize that the World attacked Christ, so don’t take annoying comments or suggestions personally. That way you stay in fellowship, and get you’re tasks done without forgetting anything. (John 15:18 ~ If the world hate you, ye know it hated me before it hated you.)

  8. I believe the “wash your truck” comment was just good natured ribbing. I see it a lot in my guy social circles. Minor insults said with a smile between guys are just “manly” ways of expressing a like for each other. I hear guys saying things to other guys like, “When are you going to ditch that Prius and get a big-boy car?”, or “Hey Sally, why not hike up your skirt there and shoot a REAL gun like this 1911?”…all said out of affection.
    And in case it wasn’t friendly banter I have always followed the mantra “Don’t sweat the little things.” After all, getting upset over something somebody else says is handing your emotional steering wheel over to them.

  9. So hey Jeff, your car wash story made me think of a very wealthy friend of mine with 6 or 8 expensive trucks and cars who NEVER washed them, except maybe to spray of the top layer of mud occasionally with a garden hose, if it got too thick, because washing them could harm the paint. Sometimes he might put it through a spray wash, but never ever would he allow a rag or brush to touch the paint. He could own a vehicle for years, maintain it in immaculate condition and sometimes sell or trade it later for top dollar. So next time your neighbor hacks on you for not washing, just say “I am preserving the paint job because it reduces depreciation and improves the resale value.” Because it would be the truth.

  10. Jeff, Thank you for sharing your evaluation of your parking lot experience and defining “Careless” and “Care Less”. Unfortunately, many of these people with clean cars, freshly mowed lawns, and spic & span home are the Careless type, i.e: Per your definition: “Careless people are negligent. Complacent. They don’t pull their weight. They don’t respect others. They don’t see their role in being a part of a team, a family, a congregation, a community.”
    Therefore, those who do care are so overwhelmed they don’t have time to wash cars, etc. etc.

  11. Jeff, your dad is totally right. My dad lived by the same saying, until 95 yes old. I’m 73 and try to live by this motto…so far it working.

  12. Good advice because our society (our close-to-us society) often forgets one or more filters before opening their mouths.

    Filter one: Is it kind?
    Filter two: Is it true?
    and the most abused…
    Filter three: Is it necessary?

    Your neighbor skipped two of them.

  13. Liked your recent Sunday message. Such good advice and so relevant to me at this time. Like hearing some common sense. Keep up the good and encouraging messages, they are appreciated.

  14. You couldn’t be more wrong.
    Something happens to men between the ages of 56 to 66. It’s hard to explain the mental swings.
    They do stupid stuff and get overly defensive. The last few are hard to believe you wrote them. From the one that you claim that your answer is “I never tell you to buy something you don’t like “ to this one you justify your dirty vehicle by redefining the purpose of life. I bet your partner can explain what you’ve put them through lately.

  15. Your Father sounds like an honorable man…Thanks for the reminder to beless careless and more carefree..:) Love and light to you and yours…

  16. Your answer to the neighbors question about washing your truck should have been, “Why, do you want to wash it for me?”.

  17. My dad taught me a valuable lesson… “if you encounter someone who is toxic and argumentative and negative, then “dust off your sandals and walk on”. That has been my favorite saying to this very day.

  18. Thank you for your emails. I so enjoy them & forgive me for not getting back to you sooner.
    I had wanted to thank you for the Power Greens & let you know of all the bottles I have gone thru there was never
    a missing cap to dish out the greens… Thank you for the wonderful messages you send & for the Power Greens…

    May GOD continue to bless & keep you & your employees…

  19. Sarah R Hoke says:
    October 7, 2018 at 12:30 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thank you for your emails. I so enjoy them & forgive me for not getting back to you sooner.
    I had wanted to thank you for the Power Greens & let you know of all the bottles I have gone thru there was never
    a missing cap to dish out the greens… Thank you for the wonderful messages you send & for the Power Greens… May GOD continue to bless & keep you & your employees…

  20. Jeff, your comments about the truck incident are right on. Since I am older than you, it took me a little longer to get to this point but I am fully there now. As the result of age and a life changing event, I no longer care what anyone thinks of me(as long as it’s truthful!) except for my wife, son, brother, and grandkids, Believe me, I love it!

  21. My Dad used to say he had a car to serve him, not the other way around. I have a brother-in -law who washes his car every week whether it needs it or not. I teased him about “washing the paint off ” some day. He had one car that it actually happened to. It was some years ago when G M had a problem with their paint jobs, but he really DID wash the paint off the hood. He still washes and details his car Often.
    Thought you would find this story amusing.


  22. Hi Jeff, I’m pretty new to this Family. I ordered MRE’s several times, and they are awesome. Well now, I ordered the “Green Drink sample pack and a month’s supply, too. The green mix is good, no after taste and goes down without me trying to push the drink down. I have a treasure chest of meds, and that’s the pits!!! I just turned 61, over weight and my knees are rebelling on me.(The classic person, who wants to do better.) I have been drinking Chaga tea for three years, and that has brought my A1C down to normal levels. Yep, diabetic too. I want to be the gal who makes you proud. So, I’ll keep you informed on adding the green drink to my diet. Thank you for what you do, for all of us.
    Susan Brannen

  23. “Don’t Sweat The ‘Small’ STUFF! AND It’s ALL SMALL ‘STUFF’! –(Unknown). Emphasis: The MAN MRBIGJIM DONNELLY Here. Semper-Fidelis AND Virilis!!

  24. We have to care more about how we treat others.Care more about our family and friends and for our country.Care about the example we set to others a good loser!!!

  25. Sunday’s thoughts were just what I needed to hear. I have always liked a very neat and organized house. However, our grown daughter whom is chronically ill has come to a point in her life that she realizes she cannot live alone anymore. So, she has moved home with us, her older, retired parents. Today I realized that our home will never be neat and tidy again. Your note pointed out to me what is really important, and that is her. She needs us more than I need a tidy house. Thank you.

  26. Well said and a great concept to recall when I get miffed over little stuff! Love your Sunday Thoughts!
    Thank you.

  27. “And Be year kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.” Eph.4:32, KJV.

  28. AMEN to THAT!! My longtime motto has been “People are more important than things,” so I’m right there with you Jeff… dusty car & all!! 😉

    Carry on, good fellow!

  29. Not a comment, but a couple of questions for you.
    I read an article that made the comment that honey does the same bad things to your body, that sugar does. Yes or No?

    Is Stevia as bad as artificial sweeteners?

  30. Enjoy your emails especially Sunday Thoughts. You seem like a few of my closest friends, we just bounce the little things that get under our skin off one another. Between the Kavanaugh mess and midterm elections fund raising I almost dread going through my emails. Then I come to yours and get a good chuckle on your dirty truck, I would have reacted the same way. Your father was right, don’t sweat the little things, what I’m trying to teach my 29 year old son. Have a good week and keep the lite thoughts coming.

  31. Something similar happened when my next door neighbor commented to me during my painting of my home. When she came over to ask why I was painting it the same color as the neighbor next to me. Even though one cold clearly see the difference in tone color and besides it was the same color of our previous home and the color my wife preferred. I was a little upset about that for a while, but let it go as there are like you say, more important things to be concerned with. Thank you for sharing your story! I loved it! God Bless!

  32. Oh some people I tell you. I was always told by a dear friend of mine “Keep your nose on your own face.” I quit caring what people thought of me years ago.. That was so freeing. Thank you for sharing your story. That was a great reminder for me today. God Bless

  33. This was a great reminder for me today as I’ve been dealing with some stuff at work that’s really ticked me off. I feel disrespected, inconsequential, overlooked as decisions are made about the area I’m supposed to be in charge of without any, ANY, input from me. Nothing has been run by me yet I’m supposed to maintain an open mind about it all. My things were also moved from my desk to a credenza behind it without me being present. It could wait until I was around but it wasn’t. That’s major disrespect and quite galling to say the least. Not being one to keep this stuff inside, I vented on some of the folks around me. I’m sure it has gotten back to the person(s) responsible but that’s OK. I plan on discussing all of this just as soon as the person(s) responsible are around again. The point of all this is that I’m human and reactionary. I know that’s not a good way to be, the reactionary part not the human, but I’m an Ares and fiery. I’m also Irish and an emotional woman not to extremes mind you but I am an emotional person. Push me too far and my teeth grow and claws pop out. In spite of all these short comings I do try very hard to be Christian about these petty annoyances and remember that if Jesus could withstand the unfairness, cruelty, disrespect that He endured, who am I to fuss when it happens to me.

    Thanks for your thoughts and listening to my ramblings. Sometimes you just need to get things off your chest or bust.

    God Bless You, too!!!

  34. Yeah Jeff, good thoughts.

    If we made or allowed ourselves to be a whole lot less offendable, especially to the “small stuff”(is there any better example than Jesus Christ), we’d all be carrying around a whole lot less bitterness baggage!

  35. We moved from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina to Ave Maria almost 3 years ago.We had to move because of health reasons.We started getting pneumonia every winter.We love it here! It is small but growing.People here are so nice and friendly.It is good to see the children playing outside,riding bikes just happy.Good luck to you.Hope you make the right decision for you and your family.Clara

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