I wish I wasn’t right about this

If you’ve been with me for a while, you may recall me writing about aspirin some time ago.

To catch you up, a friend’s post on Facebook really got me in a tizzy.

This is what my friend wrote:

“The entirety of the data is absolute. If you’re not taking a baby aspirin every day, you are making an important and ignorant mistake for your health… period.”

 Now, he’s a smart guy. With a lot of followers. And I was shocked he would say something so wrong. And even more afraid that there would be people who believed him!

At the time, it seemed there were benefits associated with taking a baby aspirin. Like reduced risk of various cancers, including colon, lung, breast and prostate cancer.

And there are some potential benefits when it comes to your heart.

But my friend was taking a wild leap here. Sadly, even though he’s not a doctor (far from it)… doctors make the same mistake.

But hopefully, they won’t make it much longer.

You see, for years, taking a daily aspirin was believed to be a quick, cheap and easy way to protect your health. But new research suggests that if you’re healthy, with no previous heart attacks or heart disease… there’s little benefit to you at all. And a fair amount of real risk.

First of all, you should never start on a drug, even one that sounds harmless like “baby aspirin,” without checking with your doctor. Even if a well-meaning friend says it’s ok.

But more important, even though as many as 6 out of 10 older people are on aspirin “therapy” to reduce stroke or heart attack risks, guess who most of the studies have been on…

People YOUNGER than 65.

Aspirin therapy, like any blood thinner, can lead to serious stomach or intestinal bleeding. And the older you get, the chance of this happening goes up… up… up.

In fact, your chance of having serious bleeding complications doubles if you’re 75 vs. under 65. And if you’re over 85… it TRIPLES.

And guess what? The risk of being disabled or dying from these complications is as much as 10 TIMES higher, the older you get.

In fact, the researcher who published the most recent study in the Lancet says for older folks, the “risks associated with bleeding are actually higher than the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.”

The very thing this drug was supposed to prevent!

Of course, there is a solution to this problem… ANOTHER DRUG.

Rather than question the idea of passing out aspirin to everyone, some doctors used to suggest combining it with a “proton pump inhibitor,” a heavy-duty antacid.

It’s madness. And I hope it’s about to stop.

The antacids can wreck your bones, among other side effects. Maybe there’s another drug for that, too?

Look, if you’re on aspirin therapy, don’t stop without consulting your doctor. But do consult with your doctor about this, please.

Even the drug pushers at the FDA don’t recommend daily aspirin for people who’ve never had a heart attack.

And when they’re not championing a drug, they must know something doesn’t smell right.

It’s enough to give you a headache.

And I’ll take a glass or two of water for that, and leave the aspirin on the counter.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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23 thoughts on “I wish I wasn’t right about this

  1. I agree with not taking baby aspirin (or any drug) unless prescribed by a Doctor. I know people that took it because their friends were doing and most really had no reason and who knows the affect on them. I take a baby aspirin daily because my Dr prescribed it. I’ve never had a heart attack or stroke but he feels I’m susceptible to such. I won’t be at the magic age of 75 for more than a decade and I will continue to ask my Dr about taking baby aspirin and whether it’s neccessary everytime I see him.

    1. The most recent (September 15, 2018) issue of Internal Medicine News agrees:
      “low dose aspirin failed to reduce the incidence of GI cancer or any other type of cancer, compared with placebo in the study. Dr. Jane Armitage, MD, Professor of clinical trials and epidemiology at the University of Oxford, said: “We saw no suggestion of an anticancer effect emerging over time, we did see a significant reduction in the risk of vascular events but also an increase in major bleeding such that the absolute benefits from avoiding a serious vascular event were largely counterbalanced by the increased risk of bleeding.”
      The cohort, number of people studied, was 15,480.

    2. Aspirin killed my husband at the age of 59 – it was prescription Aspirin and it caused internal bleeding – my husband bled to death

  2. About 12 years ago my VA Doc. put me on aspirin, within a year I had a vitreol bleed and detached retina in my right eye. Went to Emergency room and sent to Eye specialist.. Doc. First question was if I was on aspirin, I said yes. He said Do not do it any more. After 5 surgeries, One was Vitrectomy which was all the fluid out of my eye and replaced with fluid. 3 lasers and cataract, can see enough to get by with that eye.

  3. Jeff, I really appreciate your concerns about aspirin. As someone who has had stomach ulcers in the past, I have been able to avoid being treated with aspirin , but know that doctors regularly prescribe it. Thanks for raising awareness of how dangerous it can be.

  4. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for the opportunity to vent my frustration about baby aspirin. My husband rarely took any aspirin. We had been married 63 years. He hadn’t been feeling well for a few days. I took him to the hospital emergency room because I thought he might be dehydrated, He had not complained of any chest pain. In the emergency room they were checking blood pressure, vitals, etc., they asked about chest pain and he replied positively-they order an EKG and announced that he was having a heart attack right then! He was rushed to surgery. After surgery the doctor told me that the Aorta was completely blocked. It was cleaned out and a stent was placed. The surgeon later told me that my husband came through just fine, that he was healthy and robust (age 85) and could probably go home in 2 days. The next day the nurse was giving drugs through the IVs for baby aspirin, and a statin drug as well as two other “heart” drugs. My husband had been seeing our dr. for 7 years with lab work, etc., and had never had high cholesterol or any mention of heart problems. I questioned the hospitalist about aspirin and the statin. “Well, your husband had a heart attack.” He repeated that again. He had no other answer when I tried to ask why. My husband died 4 weeks later. I feel certain it was because of all the drugs he was given that was the major cause of his death 4 weeks later.

  5. I was on Warfarin and taking a daily baby aspirin for 20 years. Recently the Doctor change me to Xarelto and said I could continue with the baby aspirin. About 3 months of taking the Xarelto I started having nose bleeds about every 2nd or 3rd week. I weaned my self off of the aspirin and the nose bleeds stop. My brother’s Doctor took him off of baby aspirin because of a bad cough and said that they had discovered that baby aspirin was causing it.

  6. Hi Jeff, I wanted to let you know something that is on a different subject than taking “baby aspirin”. I have been using the “Power Greens” for about a year know, and I wanted to let you know about something that I find really great. Let me start from the beginning, in 2013 I found out that I had a bleeding ulcer and the doctor told me that I would need to take “Prylosec” twice a day for the rest of my life. After I started taking the “Power Greens” I have found that I could take the med.’s once a day. Well I want you to know that I am know NOT having to take those med.’s at all. I owe it all to the “Power Greens” and to YOU. Thank you very much, Gary
    P.S. : I will be ordering more of the “Power Greens” next month. Thanks again for your amazing product!!!!

  7. I started taking 300mg of aspiren 50 years
    ago when a Dr. I was working for was in a physician group heart study for aspiren. Im 73 now and have never had heart or bleeding problems. I felt if Dr.s were taking it themselves fot protection I would also. Glad I did!

  8. Your absolutely correct about aspirin my cardiologist took me off it a few years ago after taking it for about 3 years. He said it was dangerous and has been shown to cause health issues. I was 57 at the time.

  9. I’ve been taking Patriot Power Greens now for several months and play tournament senior softball as I’m 74 yrs old and just to let you know how much it has helped me with stamina and I have more energy to last three or four games back to back and realized that I was not as sore the next day and I highly recommend this for anyone you’ll see good results one question though how many scoops do you recommend I take two in the morning so is this enough or do I need to increase to three

  10. please be advised that white willow bark or just white willow is in fact asprin, I went deaf several weeks when my dr had given me these huge purple pills for the pain of major back surgery.m i could not hear the phone or my handicapped mother dowmstairs ,my sister is a nurse and told to stop taking the purple pills as they are asprin. it took 6months before i could hear right. i then started to take willow bark pills not knowing they are asprin, i now have tinitus ringing, in both ears, the company where i buy my suppliments was not really interested in my suggesting that the willow was asprin,,, and the bottles should state this, This can be a permanent affliction.

  11. My personal VA Doctor told me to stop taking a baby aspirin I had been taking since a stroke a number of years ago and a Hart attack on new years day 2017. The Cardiologist from the V A insisted that I continue to remain on aspirin! I’m not sure who’s advice to follow?

  12. Lots of emotions as I read the comments above – sad for some, sympathetic for others and understanding of the ones that are feeling good about taking an aspirin a day because their doctor told them to.

    My attitude was definitely shaped when Dr. John Folts was sought after by my company to continue his research on finding something that worked *better* than an aspirin a day. You see, Dr. Folts developed the experimental model on Aspirin in 1974 and demonstrated by in vitro testing that aspirin can reduce arterial blood clots.

    He told us it took him 12 years to convince the AMA that aspirin worked – ha! (kind of ha)

    But, his research was aiming for a nondrug issue. One the project was complete – he helped to create a supplement in the early 2000’s called Provex CV (which has continued to improve over the years) that worked better than aspirin (59% better in human studies) and twice as good as Vitamin E for keeping the arteries unclogged.

    So when the man that created the aspirin as day therapy is wanting a nondrug idea with no side effects, that was good enough for me!

    Here is a transcript of him talking about this for the detail minded – this was published before the Provex CV studies were completed: https://lifesavingfatsteam.weebly.com/publication-folts.html

    Read this quote from Dr. Folts!!
    “In the late seventies however, we discovered that if we raised the adrenaline or epinephrine, that the same thing, 75% -80% of the time clot formation comes back with aspirin and that’s a serious problem. That’s why we have spent the last 20 years looking for drugs and food substances that would inhibit the platelets and prevent the clot formation, but also, prevent the renewal of clot formation from elevated epinephrine.”

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