Drink it, and these 16 things happen

We know what happens when we don’t drink enough water.

Thirst. Irritability. Discomfort.

Ultimately… you dry up. You can only go a few days without it.

But you probably have running water, so going completely without isn’t usually an issue, unless disaster strikes.

You need only live through one hurricane or “snowpocalypse” to see what a panic about not having water looks like.

So as long as you’ve got it handy… you should make a point to drink it. And plenty of it.

Because what happens when you do is nothing short of miraculous.

Much like exercise, sound sleep and a whole food diet, water is like magic. It can transform you in dozens of ways…

Like your weight.

If you drink more water, you lose weight faster. You feel fuller. And all too often, we mistake thirst for hunger. So coming up short of water means we overeat.

Plus, it may boost your metabolism with every glass…

A tall cool glass aids digestion.

Water makes dissolving fats and fiber easier in your body. It helps flush waste products, supporting your kidneys and liver. When you don’t drink enough, the colon sucks water out of your stool, so you’re more likely to be constipated.

Water helps fight fatigue. Even mild dehydration can foul your mood, so drinking more can give you a welcome boost.

If you’ve got a headache, more water is key. At least 2-4 cups right away.

Your cartilage is about 85% water. To keep your joints healthy, what do you need? (If you guessed water, good job… you’re following along.)

Students who drink water do better on exams. Gargling with water reduces infections. And more water means a healthier heart.

Stuffy nose? Back pain? Dry skin? Water, water… WATER.

Ok, now you know what to do. And it sounds easy. In reality, it is easy.

If you do it right.

The only hitch is most of our water just isn’t clean. It’s not fresh.

And for all the health power of drinking enough every day, when your water is chock full of contaminants, it can possibly do you more harm than good.

But water is just too important for you to miss out on the benefits.

Now, if you’re not drinking enough water because it tastes “off” …

Or you know in your gut it’s full of junk you’d need a microscope to see, but you’re rightfully worried it’s chipping away at your health just the same…

I do have an easy answer for you.

One that blows the doors off grocery store “filter pitchers.”

Filtering out the contaminants that can really do a number on your body…

Like 99.9% of Chlorine and Lead.

Almost 98% of Mercury.

And over 99% of Chromium-6.

Plus, a whole list more.

Including radiological contaminants too!

There isn’t another filter like this that can say the same.

And other pitchers look at the fluoride in your water – yes, it’s there ON PURPOSE – and turn a blind eye.

But this one is up to the task – it removes more than 90%!

It’s time you poured yourself a delicious, cold, clean and refreshing glass of water. Anytime you want it. Without wondering what’s in it…

And knowing that every time you sip, you’re helping your body in a dozen ways or more.

The Patriot Pure holds a full gallon at a time, and you’ll fill it at least 150 times before it ever needs a replacement.

It’s independently verified to exceed National Sanitation Federation Standards 42 and 53.

(Which is a fancy way of saying other pitchers can’t compare.)

And if you choose to order 2 or more (most people do) I’ll also include FREE shipping and other bonuses too!

Get all the details on Patriot Pure right here.

Use it for a FULL YEAR. If you don’t like it, feel it isn’t worth it, or don’t find yourself drinking more clean water and enjoying the results… send it back.

Get the details on Patriot Pure – and the full story on our sad state of water in this country – right here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. How about some BONUS Patriot Power Greens with your purchase of Patriot Pure? I’m glad you asked…

That would make sense. Because why mix your healthful Greens with water that isn’t clean?

Get your new pitcher – and FREE Greens too – right here.

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