You’re eating away your brain

We’ve got an overeating problem in America.

That’s no big shocker. If you look at portion sizes over the years, they’ve gotten much bigger. And so have we…

Now we usually consider overeating a problem for our waistlines and our hearts…

But, as it turns out overeating might be as bad for your head as it is for your heart.

According to research from neuroscience experts and the brains at Harvard, overeating may be linked to developing memory loss as we age.

And the root? Inflammation.

Like with most theories, the tests start with animals in the lab.

New studies in mice showed a diet lower in calories helped prevent brain inflammation.

These mice couldn’t get the same benefits from exercise. That’s right: calories in was the ticket and not calories burned.

You can’t jog away a pizza. At least, not when it comes to your head.

We’re all pretty familiar with the idea of inflammation harming the gut. But we’re just starting to understand how inflammation affects your brain.

Science is unpacking how memory impairment is related to inflammation in the brain. There are lots of scapegoats for inflammation in the brain and body.

Including, it seems, too much food.

Another study in worms showed that cutting down on the worms’ calories cut down on a particular acid in their bodies.

This acid (with a long scientific name) is a big no-no for the brain because it blocks a brain chemical needed for faster learning and brain activity.

The takeaway? Less of this acid means more of the brain chemical that boosts learning.

Other studies have shown that lower calorie diets in mice, monkeys, and even flies can extend their lifespans by years.

I like a Thanksgiving dinner as much as the next guy, but we need to make sure we don’t eat like it’s the holidays too often.

We need more research, of course. Especially in humans.

But it’s only logical.

Think about the way you feel after a huge meal. Sleepy. Lethargic.

And groggy is not the best state for learning and brain activity, right?

Now, you don’t have to go hungry to stay fit and sharp. There are plenty of nutrient dense, filling and lower calorie foods, especially fruits and veggies.

But here’s a good question to ask yourself: How much food do I really need in a day?

Anyone who has done a calorie or points system kind of diet will tell you they were shocked they did so well with less food.

I’ve talked to other folks who tell me their blood sugar crashes if they don’t eat enough. And that’s probably true. But quality calories are different than calories in general.

How many empty calories are we eating?

Cutting calories goes hand in hand with eating smarter calories.

Grab a whole food snack instead of a boxed one. Favor proteins and healthy fats so you aren’t overdoing the carbs. And stay hydrated.

Hydration is a biggie. We’re often thirsty when we think we’re hungry, and I’ve seen firsthand how proper hydration cuts down on mindless eating.

Staying sharp is key to feeling alive. No cookie is worth that tradeoff.

At least, not every day.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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2 thoughts on “You’re eating away your brain

  1. Good Morning Jeff,
    I look forward to your daily newsletter, thank you for your sense of humor and awesome information shared.
    My husband and I have been taking the Patriot Greens since April and both of us could feel a difference in how we felt within a couple of weeks. I have arthritus but am moving and feel like I don’t! By the way we love the flavor of it.
    I added intermittent fasting and a lower carb intake to my Patriot Greens and have lost 25 lbs. You are right when you say we eat way too much. Who knew?! Thank you again for all you do.

  2. As a spiritual counselor I understand the dynamics of energy in our bodies and life. Overeating is much like an alcoholic running away from reality by drinking. The food or alcohol stuffs your feelings, so you do not feel the pains of life. If you have been abused and can not face the emotional trauma through counseling, you self -medicate with food, alcohol, prescriptions, gambling, smoking any addiction to replace feeling the real misery and feelings..

    The answer is to address the original cause, heal it in a loving resolution, and replace it with self-love. In a loving space, it is safe to feel those emotions and release them. That is why in my counseling I do regression therapy, IBRT, to a reach the root cause so the symptoms will not be a concern.

    Medicine likes to sell you on the idea they can fix you with pills, exercise, the right food, etc. however it is all about your emotional past still affecting you and you are not wanting to address it. Inflammation is caused by past anger, that life did not going your way and people are not doing what you wanted. This is a childish response like a temper-tantrum and does cause illness as the vital life force can not flow through your body to sustain it, if there are negative emotional blockages, we build thinking that we are protecting ourselves.

    Opening our hearts, being open-minded to allow love out and to receive it for our health, and being willing to release the blockages is the answer. This does not sell drugs, so this is criticized by those who would not benefit from this solution. Sharing love increase our healthiness as when energy expands it feels good.

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