This debate is stupid

It’s no secret that pharmaceutical drugs in this country are often very expensive.

The process to get to market is expensive. Trials are expensive. And when a big drug company gets their patent and finally is approved… with no competition…

It’s time to get their money back. And boy, do they.

So part of getting a handle on the cost of healthcare in this country always comes back to drug prices.

If you dig in a little, you’ll soon find out that the cost of the same drug to someone in another country (Canada is often pointed out) is often 2x, 3x even 10x or more what you or I might pay for it.

The same drug.

Which leads to this debate. Why can’t we just import the drugs from Canada and save some dough? After all… it’s the same darn pill.

People who are against this are mostly running interference for the drug companies, and protecting their profits (and their campaign contributions, most likely). And pretending it’s to protect you.

You’ll hear this isn’t safe. And the evidence they use is that there are a lot of bogus prescriptions being filled by fly-by-night Canadian and European pharmacies, selling knockoffs or counterfeits.

Like Medicare or Medicaid is going to buy from some shady, back alley, untraceable internet dealer.


What it comes down to is this. The government is a terrible negotiator.

They promise to drive costs down, but rarely do anything to make it happen.

And the fact that we’re even talking about sending drugs across the border, only to bring them back again… and this is actually cheaper…


Here’s an idea. Maybe we should debate whether these drugs are necessary in the first place?

Or why so many people are being pushed so many prescriptions.

Or why so many people are sick, and told they need drugs. Like you woke up with a Lipitor deficiency?

You want to bring the cost of prescriptions down?

Stop doing the things that lead Americans to be told we NEED them in the first place.

Maybe encourage people to eat healthier, exercise more, and get more sleep.

And start covering prevention instead of pills that pretend to be cures, but are often just putting you on a treadmill of side effects and empty pockets at the end of the month.

When are people in this country going to wise up?

It’s time people stopped worrying about how they can afford their prescriptions, and start questioning their doctors about whether they need them in the first place.

And start taking control of their own health and healing.

That’s self-reliance. And ultimately… that’s freedom.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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34 thoughts on “This debate is stupid

  1. Jeff I agree with you totally but you should have also said don’t stop your prescription drugs cold turkey. My mom did that trying to better her health and had a major stroke and could not talk or walk for eight years before she died. Find a dr that will help you do this. The problem with that is most of them don’t take insurance and are quite expensive if you are already on the drugs your damned if you do or damned if you don’t

  2. I agree!! We’re an over-medicated society, and half the people taking drugs don’t know (or care) why they’re taking them in the first place! Their doctor says “Take this” and this pill supposedly solves everything…..WRONG!! We must deal more with prevention and causes of illness, not treating the effects with drugs with harmful side effects.

  3. yeaaaa! (no prescriptions!)

    I’m 80 and I do not take medicine of any kind. Oops – ya I do. I need aspirin for aches in arms/legs 1-3 days before a storm or rain comes in.

  4. Yes, it takes money to complete any R&D effort, including the efforts behind new medications. Yes, the pharmaceutical companies get their money back and then plenty more. Capitalism is a greed-based system and it is the worst system on the face of this earth . . . except for all the others. Yes, our government has proven inept at negotiating and other efforts.

    I don’t see how the FDA could have the public’s confidence. In fact I have heard the two organizations with the words Federal and United in their names, that hold the most confidence in the public’s eyes are FEDEX and UPS. The situation the common U. S. citizen is in is very sad and frustrating.

  5. You are right on here. We are poisoning our citizens, especially older folks like my self. Band-aids to make big pharma richer, and create dependency to just maintain a semblance of health. Many doctors don’t know or care,
    just use what the legalized drug pushers bring to them. Is there a reason a lot of these reps. are attractive young
    women? remain active, eat as right as you are able, and you will see results. I have.

  6. I have to agree with you Jeff. Back in 2005 I ended up in the hospital for a month because of high blood pressure meds. the doctors had me on over 8 meds a day. one day I come to my senses and asked myself what was more important to me, a long life or being able to get around by myself. that is when I took charge of my own health and stopped taking pills. you know within 72 hours I knew that I was right, as I start feeling better and getting around much better. Its nice not having doctor bill coming in from the office visits they want you to make all the time. the more I read and see that we do not need these meds because all the things we need to take care of our bodies is what nature provides. give the body the things it need and it will take care of you.

  7. I read your post today with much interest. I am sure that there are many times people are being prescribed medications that are borderline necessary. The dynamic of “prevention” is an interesting one. The last time I have seen (actually remember) the medical or scientific community “curing” a disease or condition is when a CURE for Polio was found back in the 50’s. My sister believes there is a “great conspiracy” by the medical community to cover up scientific break through on various diseases because if a condition is CURED then the treatment for that condition is greatly reduced or not needed at all. I KNOW that many times people are prescribed medications unnecessarily but there are many instances that the research and development of various treatments are good. Some issues are “inoperable” and without any medications to relieve this condition a person would have a terrible quality of life. “Inoperable” does not mean that a patient will die without treatment but it does mean that unnecessary surgeries are done and, AFTER the surgery, the patient has only been corrected by 10% to 50% and they still have to take medication to have any quality of life. You have surgery, months of rehabilitation, and a big, ugly scar to show for everything and it only results in an improvement not a cure. Medications are fine where needed. Many times it is just easier and less expensive to prescribe a “pill” because the surgery will not correct the issue OR, in many cases, the person cannot afford the “co-pay” part of the procedure. This copay is now required by many 100% UP FRONT before any procedure is done. I am not going to get into any specifics but I know what I am posting about.

  8. You are absolutely correct on the drug dependency issue.
    I may be the exception but I do not use drugs, NONE, I’m 83 years old, eat healthy ,stay active in a retirement walled community and exercise irregularly. and do the vitamin thing. My doctor and cartologist tell me whatever your doing do not stop.

  9. From what I’ve seen in my soon-to-be 65 years of life is that the high cost of pharmaceuticals is not just the fault of the health care providers. Yes, they do push pills versus prevention, but a lot of that is because the health care insurance providers will NOT pay for prevention or healthier life-style. They encourage prescription pill popping.

    I am the surviving spouse of a 100% service-connected totally disabled Korean War era veteran, so for the last 10 years, my primary insurance provider has been civilian VA (CHAMPVA) insurance. They won’t pay for weight loss or management, smoking cessation, or general health maintenance. They will pay for prescription meds to supposedly cure even the simplest ailments, but not for holistic health or general well-being.

  10. I hope you went to naturalnews. Com for the homemade antibiotic recipe I told you about a year ago. This has truly been a miraculous solution for flu, cold, pneumonia, high blood pressure, or just about anything that could go wrong. This should stop you from getting a “Lipitor deficiency”.

  11. Jeff,

    Hold on there buddy! That sounds way to much like common sense! Which was, between 1990 and the election of D.J. Trump, rarely if ever heard inside the Beltway and if heard was never heeded, or given a second thought.

    Big Pharma donates millions to campaigns, and buys protection. So we pay for the contributions with out treasure and with our health. Not the only answer, but a piece of the road-map would be that contributions to any person running for office can only come from registered voters, and a per person maximum per year of $100.00. Same for causes/ballot measures, $100.00 per cause per year. No contributions from Corporations or Businesses, no PACS, Super PACS, no institutional donations to politics on any level. We aren’t electing corporations to lead us, and corporations should not have a voice in who is elected. They are a thing, not a human, they can’t vote so they should not be in the equation at all. Oh heck! sound of common sense too doesn’t it. Good article Jeff, Thanks. David D. Bend, OR.

  12. Thanks to the Democrats we are no longer able to go to Canada to buy our drugs for discounted prices. I have RA, lupus and several other diseases but the RA is the most expensive one to treat. At this point I can no longer afford to take any of the medications that work. Biologics in this country run between $5,800 to $8,000 every 30 days and my share of cost right now is 28 percent soon to be 100 percent. I ask you…who can afford that living on social security??

  13. Drugs have been over prescribed for decades and it’s about greed and control. Convince someone they need it, get them dependent on it, and you have a steady income virtually for ever. Gee, isn’t that what slimy drug dealers do? And when they begin having side effects, which nearly all drugs do, give them another drug for the side effects and the scam repeats itself over and over again. And if you are wondering why the politicians do nothing about the ripoff prices, just check out how many of them own “Big Pharma” stocks and how many of them take campaign bribes from them. But hey, priorities have to be established and sacrifices have to be made in the name of profits, even if it costs a few million lives, right? After all, it’s the American way!

  14. Amen Jeff Reagan, the big Pharms are ripping the Public off big time in my humble opinion…..

    Yes, I agree they need a reasonable profit to stay in business, but they don’t need to rob the Candy Store….

    Thank God I am Canadian, when I get “SICK” they don’t take my House & my Children’s Inheritance….

    I am blessed with reasonable good Health and want to continue my Life enjoying same……..

    Thank you to you & Patriot Health helping Seniors enjoy a better Life Style in our Golden Years….

  15. We do not have a health care system, we have a disease care system. Thank you for posting this. People need to wake up to taking responsibility for their own health.

  16. D. G. Racer is an author of at least three books about healthcare. I also have written posts and contributed articles about healthcare. I not only have experienced some of these situations first-hand, but also was a panelist on the Minnesota GOP Healthcare Alliance in 2009. I sat between two big guns from Mayo Clinic. I felt like the center of an Orio cookie.
    If you read his three books, you will find the dirt swept under the rug by Big Pharma and FDA. You also will learn solid suggestions to fix the problem.
    If you will use my e-mail address to give me private contact information, I will reply with Mr. Racer’s e-mail address as soon as I receive his permission to share it with you. I also will provide links to my Dropbox account about my research of healthcare issues. You can download and/or read my information (free of ads and malware links) from my Dropbox links. You have permission to extract, revise and extend so long as you put your name on it and leave my name off. I really hate folks that put words in my mouth. It ain’t sanitary.

  17. Good email, I totally agree with you Jeff.
    I am 72 years old in October of this year and not taking any kind of medication. (I do however take Patriot Greens and Patriot Protein) and some vitamins. But I believe the longer I can stay off medication the better. A few years ago I was told that i was “pre-diabetic” so I simply changed my eating habits, not wanting to take medication. I followed your plan on “flat belly after 50” and I find that following that pretty closely I feel 100% better.
    So I am happy to stay away from drugs as long as I can. And look after myself in ways to improve my health.
    Thank you so much for your news letter which I get so much of my information from.
    Lois Lemcke

  18. Your editorial on This Debate is Stupid was so on!! More people should take better care of themselves by exercising, eating healthier, etc., instead of taking a multitude of Rx’s. I believe in taking natural things to help out in certain conditions. The Dr.’s are more than willing to write Rx’s then to look for a natural alternative to solve the health problem. I’m not talking about the real serious conditions that some people have & they have to take a certain Rx. I just had to respond to this editorial because you were so correct!

  19. Jeff,
    I really appreciate this email, ‘This Debate is Stupid’. I have tried to get my children and close friends to realize the importance of eating healthy and nutritional supplementation but it hasn’t worked. They are stuck on ‘the doctor says I have to take this and this, etc’. I know I did not go to medical school but doctors do not learn nutrition in traditional medical school, only drugs. My friend even said that there was a program on PBS with doctors saying that nutritional supplements don’t work and he believes it! That makes me sad for the younger generation. I am a seeker for information just like you are. I often wonder if there are any doctors out there these days who are as concerned about the patients’ health as they are about their wallets from pushing the drugs. Thank you for a great email!

  20. I use Digestion freedom plus drops and I had my esophagoscopy Monday. I had been told to take a prescription for Gastro esophageal reflux But I didn’t want a prescription. This time the doctor told me I should come back every two or three instead of every year. I told him what I was taking and he said to keep it up that it was working 😁 I gave some to my daughter-in-law and she had an upset stomach and that went away. Same with a friend of mine who was nauseated. I’m getting everybody hooked on this .Thank you for such a good product !

  21. When big pharmaceutical companies underwrite the med schools then the emphasis is on treatment, not healing. There’s no money in prevention or natural health.

  22. I haven’t used an MD for years and will not. I am 83 yrs and in good health. I do not go for yearly checkups. If I did would be give RX for poisons disguised as medicine and would begin going downhill. I take care of my body and mind and try to live a natural life. If I have an ache or pain I use homeopath. I exercise and enjoy the out doors. People say I’m either crazy or lucky. I think it is because I don’t buy the modern medicine info. I think MDs, the MDA, the FDA and the Pharmaceutical industries should be investigated. Medicines are created, given to the public, people die, the FDA pulls them off the market, the lawyers jump in, sue somebody and get rich. Meanwhile people die. Part of it is because the person doesn’t do any investigating and just takes the meds, believing in the doctor. Few take responsibility for their own health.

  23. I absolutely agree with everything you said on the Perscription Medicine peice. A few years back I was on 13 different medications, I always felt terrible, couldn’t sleep ( 3 hours a night total was a good night) all kinds of problems. I started looking up each medicine and long term side effects, scared the heck out of me. Next day I started reducing dosage, some I totally quit, most actually, the rest I reduced to one a day or a half aday. That helped but I was still out of sorts. Got an email and Patriots Greens was included, that was about 18 months ago and they have become my mid morning go to every day. I feel better, more energy and that just helps your mood improve.
    I like your idea of preventing instead of treating ailments. Medicare should cover it would be much cheaper. Enjoy your emails and your down to earth thoughts, keep em coming.

  24. You hit the nail on the head Jeff!!
    It ALL boils down to money. I swear the reason people are so sick, is because of all the chemicals added to our food… they poison us so we need the drugs and they make their money. Period. And until companies value life over money, it will never end. I dont believe people of this nation will ever wake up, easier to keep their heads in the sand. Thanks for all you do.

  25. Jeff, I turned 86 last month and I don’t do pharmacy drugs or any other kind. I hope I never have to worry about it . But, I still wash my vitamins down with my
    Patriot power greens.
    Got to get back to work now.

  26. Thanks Jeff!
    You are oh so right about big Pharma!
    Unfortunately our US doctors are trained to push meds, and I believe they get a kick back, which is why you’ll see (if you pay attention) the pharma reps at your doctors office.
    A few short years ago I was taking over 10 different medicines a day plus two different shots for my diabetes. I was barely able to function. I started doing some research on some of the medicines I was on and especially their side effects and decided that I had to get off of “The Poison”. I informed all my Doctors that this was my intention and I needed them to help me.
    The first thing I did was change my eating habits. Within 6 months I was off my insulin. Yes, believe me it can be done with type 2! I went from an A1C of 11 down to 6.7. Yea!!!!
    Ive had 7 orthopedic surgeries including 2 knee replacements, shoulder surgery and L4 & 5 fusion on my back.
    I focused on one med at a time, and started adding suppliments.
    Today I’m down almost 60lbs and counting. I havent felt so good in many years. I was actually using a wheelchair for long distances, and last month went to a Renaissance Faire and walked the whole 30 acres.
    I’m still on two blood pressure meds and am working on eliminating them too!
    People need to open their eyes, do research, and ask doctors questions instead of following like sheep making big pharma richer and richer.
    I’m also happy to say that this summer I was able to get back on my motorcycle and ride!! Not bad for an old gal of 64!!!
    I also want to thank you Jeff for all the great info!!

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