Reader Mailbag (coconut oil truths)

Welcome to another edition of our Reader Mailbag.

Remember, I can’t possibly get to every question. But I try to address the ones that come up the most, or can help the most folks at once.

Like the ones about coconut oil I’ve been getting lately, from Bob and others.

Laura sums up the “controversy” pretty well…

“I have a question in regards to coconut oil. I have been reading a lot of articles recently on how bad coconut oil is for you, some even going so far as to call it poison!  Do you still stand by your advice to make coconut oil a great oil of choice to use in cooking? Thanks.” 

The short answer is yes, I do stand by my coconut oil.

It is true, some doctor is getting a lot of headlines saying coconut oil is “poison.”

That take is really good for getting attention. But to put it mildly, it’s “Bravo Sierra.”

This doctor readily admits that he doesn’t like coconut oil because it’s high in saturated fats. And he believes that saturated fat is bad for your health, especially your heart.

But saturated fat is not associated with increased risk of heart disease. Nearly two dozen studies of more than 350,000 people over more than a decade did not find a link here.

Saturated fat helps form your cells. It increases healthy HDL cholesterol. It can reduce your risk of stroke. It can boost your brain health.

And I recommend it especially for higher heat cooking, because it’s resistant to oxidation. It doesn’t break down and create free radicals that are damaging to your body.

Now, I don’t eat a spoonful of coconut oil like some people do. There may be too much of a good thing. But please don’t be scared away from a healthy food just because someone is looking to make a name for himself.

OK, here’s a good question from Mark. Maybe you’ve wondered about this too…

“This might be one of those candidates for Jeff’s ‘reader mail’ segments. My wife and switched to and adhere to the ‘Flat Belly after 50’ program going on two years ago.  I’ve lost and kept off about 40 lbs., and my wife has dropped about 25 lbs.

We’re doing just the Paleo diet – meats, fruits and vegetables at like 98% exclusively.  (We might ‘cheat’ a little bit and eat a cookie with coffee after church, or have a frosted Easter cookie, but have even made the ‘paleo’ baked goods recently – which we enjoy.)

We’re religious users of Patriot Power Greens, and I also take the Vital4 vitamins.

When included with some of the special offers, I’ve used the Ultimate Metabolism product as well.

My question/concern is ‘Where does this end?’

At some point (and of course we realize healthy living does have a ‘cost’ associated with it) one has to draw the line.” 

Mark goes on to say that he’s seen other products we offer, for digestion or energy that he doesn’t need – they’re not for him. And ultimately, I think he’s answering his own question.

He’s doing a great job grabbing the bull by the horns, and taking control of his diet. And leaving room for a treat or two.

Now, I sometimes get notes from people saying I have too many products. “I can’t possibly take them all. Who has the time/money/inclination to take so many supplements a day?”

And to them (and to Mark) I say… good for you.

You’re making the right choices with your health, your life and your money. If you don’t feel something will have benefit, don’t do it. If you try something and it’s not right for you, try something else.

That’s health freedom at its finest.

But my job is to ferret out what I think will work best, for people of all stripes. Some people have joint pain, while others don’t.

Some struggle with energy, or weight, or sleep, or… you name it.

Perhaps you’re lucky and that’s not your issue.

But I’m not going to stop researching and offering the best things I can. I’m here to offer you advice, choices, and a kick in the rump every so often.

Your job is to figure out what’s best for you.

I would offer that sometimes, you may not even know what it feels like to live your best life, because you’ve grown to accept that being tired, or carrying that extra weight, or that nagging knee issue… that’s life.

It doesn’t have to be. Of course, not everything works for everyone. We’re all individuals.

But it’s best to have choices, and the freedom to act on them.

Let me close with a nice note I got from Virginia. (Yes, Virginia… there are enlightened docs out there!) 

“When I received my bottles of Vital4, I took it with me to my cardiologist for his appraisal.

While he was doing paper work I held it up… he took one glance, and said “Good product, take two” and went on with his writing on my report.

He tells me I should make it to ‘1 zero zero.’  I am now 97, a veteran of WWII, and using several of your other products. Thank you for taking the effort to find these great products for us, and keep us healthy.”

No, thank you Virginia. For your service, and for taking charge of your own health. And my guess is you’ll blow past “1 zero zero.”

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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8 thoughts on “Reader Mailbag (coconut oil truths)

  1. I rather buying organic cold press coconut than refined coconut. I order any items from my favorite tropical traditions. I love it.

  2. bravo you are right to stand for coconut oil. Multiple studies show we need fat for brain function . It is a fact that all the low fat diet fad was bad bad bad for us, as well. People who have heart attacks presumably from high cholesterol . This has been disproven in a study that shows an alarming increasing rate of heart attack victims,
    have NORMAL cholesterol counts. Down with statins and more natural ways to help cholesterol.

  3. I love your products and you and your family! Enjoy getting your newsy letters every day. Is there any way you folks can make special offers to those of us who want and need to take the products you offer a better price on one at a time auto repurchased? We can’t really afford the high single bottle purchase price every month and certainly can’t come up with the nicely discounted offers if we get multiple bottles at once – it’s hard enough to pay for the one!
    We’ve been using power greens for a couple of years now and would love to get a few other supplemental offerings like the anti aging one and the brain anti fog. But – we need to pay the mtg and this month it didn’t happen yet. And we need some plastic on the roof to keep the rain from further damaging our ceilings and walls – hope to one day get it actually repaired but…
    thanks for “listening” –

  4. Jeff,

    Lets address “The Poisoning of America by Big Corporations”. HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS) and its lingering effects. Its found in ketchup, grape and almost all other jelly. Restaurants, fast food chains, schools, etc all serve this stuff because it comes from the big food suppliers who are modifying natural food for profit. My wife quit buying anything that has HFCS in it years ago and I haven’t had a gout issue since. I truly believe it is a major contributor to America’s diabetes epidemic as well.

    Another concern of mine is the overload of salt. Most restaurants “Secret Sauce” is simply salt. That is what makes their food taste so good and most Americans ignore it or don’t realize it. I put the salt shaker down 15 years ago and simply avoid those restaurant chains who use salt as their “Secret Sauce”. Again, I credit this for additional health problems in America as well. People just cant put it down.

    Wouldn’t is be so easy to ban something so harmful !! …. but Big Business has Big Lobbyists. I’m not a doctor but have first hand experience with HFCS.

    I take Patriot Greens & Renewal, exercise daily and at 55, feel great. I love your common sense approach in your Daily Message message and your products as well. Thanks for listening

  5. So how does one know what supplements to take, I take what ever I feel my body is lacking. Energy, pain etc. I have only started. Taking supplements over the past 6-8 weeks but haven’t noticed any change, how long does it take to know you are taking the right supplement?

  6. I had written before about an article that Jeff had posted about chondroitin have been linked to a form of skin cancer. My question: is that a supplement I should avoid?

  7. Would love to try more of your products, but I just can’t afford it.At $200 or $400 most of this is beyond my reach. I can’t even afford to fix my leaky toilet.

  8. I am soooo confused about what is “healthy” for me. I am a very overweight 76, female with spine fusions, bad knee etc etc makes it hard to I try to research what to do. I dont eat grains, sugar, or knight shades. I fast at least twelve hours each day. I eat once a day except for a Patriot Power Protein and Gundry Pre Biotin shake and a coffee with Laird coconut creamer when I get up. (does that count as a meal? I take a slew of supplements etc etc. but my weight is still there. I am so discouraged. I know you are not doctors but..
    Any advise?

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