Probiotics “useless?” Ha!

With all due respect to the group of Israeli scientists suddenly getting headlines… this is silly.

In case you missed it, a recent study involved giving 25 healthy volunteers a cocktail of common probiotics for a month. Then, samples were taken to see if the probiotics “colonized.”

The results were pretty underwhelming. Only half of those studied showed the “good bacteria” taking root, and then for only a brief period.

Their conclusion was that probiotics are “almost useless.”

Which, if you dig a little deeper, is ridiculous.

First of all, we have no idea whether the probiotics used were viable in the first place. Garbage in, garbage out.

Second, one month is not much time to impact change, no matter what you’re trying to see.

Third, you’re unlikely to see much change in a healthy gut that’s already in balance. It’s working the way it’s supposed to, after all…

But most important of all, colonization is but one way probiotics can impact change for the better in the human body. And this study didn’t measure any other outcomes.

Look, I’m glad probiotics get the attention of researchers. But I’ve seen reams of studies that show probiotics do a heck of a lot of good.

I recommend them as part of a daily foundation for health to just about anyone.

Especially if you’ve got GI issues, or problems with constipation.

Yes, if you’re considering a probiotic, you do need to be picky.

You need to pick one specifically designed for our bodies as we age.

And you need one with strains that have their own unique research that backs them up.

You see, with all the power of probiotics – to reset our digestion, support our immune system and more – not all probiotic strains are the same.

They may claim to have an impact. They may claim to combat constipation.

But how many have 6 human clinical studies to back it up… and are shown to help keep YOU from being backed up?

One. Exactly one.

After consulting with Dr. Arlan Cage, I made sure our new Patriot Ultra-Biotics formula contained a very specific strain, known as “BB536.”

This healthy bacterium is a unique form of the strain B longum. And it has 6 human clinical studies that show it…

  • increases number of poops
  • softens hard stools
  • reduces stool odor
  • increases good bacteria, especially Bifidobacteria
  • decreases bad bacteria and bowel toxins
  • gives a more complete evacuation
  • and promotes better regularity

BB536 isn’t a laxative. It’s a system “reset.”

And at the clinical dose in Patriot Ultra-Biotics, it has been shown to alleviate constipation problems inside of 2 weeks.

Plus it has been shown to increase good bacteria, the exact opposite of this Israeli study. (Useless, my foot.)

The benefits of a truly comprehensive probiotic formula can be so profound… I believe everyone over 50 should consider one.

And don’t be scared off by headlines than misleading headlines, or “click bait” that doesn’t hold up when you shine a light on it.

Read all about our Patriot Ultra-Biotics, right here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. With Patriot Ultra-Biotics, we take the time to do it right. Our manufacturing partner is a leader in the industry. Even the bottle we use is different.

It takes time to produce something this advanced. I want to make sure it works, and nothing gets messed up. Probiotics need careful manufacturing, so they stay effective and strong.

So if you’re ready to nourish and protect your gut, and make constipation a thing of the past…. You should get the full details here, while we have it in stock.

I encourage you to read about it, if only to put the naysayers in their rightful place.

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1 thought on “Probiotics “useless?” Ha!

  1. I have had severe. IBS-D for 20 plus years. My Dr. Started me on probiotics and it had no effect but, I started taking a double does and I ‘ve noticed a change in the frequency of my bowel movements and the consistancy. I have noticed less frequent Bus and less cramping, and the consistency is more normal. Probiotics are often given for constipation but in my case it also works for diarrhea. Humm strange.

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