Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (music edition)

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is put on some music and putter around the house.

Puttering is deeply relaxing, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Plus, I like to have a soundtrack to make project time more enjoyable.

Karen also listens to music to relax (sometimes we even listen to the same songs, go figure).

And there’s the music we chose for our wedding, which is guaranteed to bring us right back to that happy day. Or the songs I sang along to as a teenager…

The lullabies Karen used to sing to our kids…

Music plays a central role in most people’s lives, and it turns out music does more than just relieve stress…

It can help relieve physical pain.

A recent review of studies in burn patients showed music intervention therapy helped burn patients feel less pain and anxiety during the difficult process of healing from a burn.

It helped them control their heart rate and breathing. It also helped reduce muscle tension. And all during very painful dressing changes, bathing, physical therapy, and rehab.

It helped patients elevate their pain threshold so that they felt less pain.

And this doesn’t just go for listening to music. Playing a musical instrument, singing, and songwriting are all great too. Though I don’t know this from personal experience… I can’t play a lick.

But apparently playing music improves breathing, heart rate and output, and lowers blood pressure.

The right music helps you relax. Or it can motivate you. Or bring you back to a time and place that you might have forgotten.

And these all do your whole body good.

Because music isn’t just working on your ears, of course. It’s working in your brain.

A song you love helps get your positive imagery circuits going in your head. It helps cue your brain and your body to deep relaxation. And it keeps you there.

It’s pretty tough to remain stressed when you’ve got your favorite tunes on the radio.

What’s the best music? That’s easy…

Whatever you like. If you get a good feeling from it, it’s the right choice, whether that’s bluegrass, rock, disco or classical.

Music therapy is being researched and used across the board these days.

We are seeing music used for memory and learning challenges, infant development, mood issues, and even to help us get a good night’s sleep.

Why not try your own music study? The next time you’re feeling stressed or experiencing aches and pains, put on your favorite relaxing album.

I know there’s nothing like a Sunday afternoon, music playing and meal prepping for the week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. With a song or two…

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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24 thoughts on “Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (music edition)

  1. I loved this article about the benefits of music. I smiled the entire time while I was reading it.
    My examples:
    On house cleaning day I will play the oldies – 60’s music and turn it up loud! I sing, and sometimes dance my way through the house and the cleaning.
    Before I retired, when I had a stressful day,, or a deadline to meet, I would sit in my office and put a CD of Enya on. It would instantly relax me and calm me down. Often my colleagues would come into my and say; “Oh, you must be having a bad day, I hear Enja” Not a bad day, just a stressful day.
    Sometimes when I find myself feeling sad because I miss my father or mother who have not been gone that long, I go to my ipad and bring up my favorite rendition of Amazing Grace sung by Il Divo. Memories flow, and sometimes tears do as well!
    And lastly; when my husband and I have our anniversary each year we dance to “our” two songs: Rod Stewart’s, “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You”, and Ann Murray’s; “Can I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life”.
    Of course the radio is always on in the car, and that’s where I can sing along and nobody can hear but me!
    So there are my testimonials that yes, music plays a huge role in many aspects of life, just like you wrote about.

  2. The other side of the coin of Music bringing healing to your emotions and making you feel better all over is: there is a wrong kind of music to listen to all so that can make you depressed. after being a country music singer for over 20 years, I have found that most of it is written by depressed people trying to restore relationships through writing a song. Example, Hank Williams wrote the song from a man who’s very depressed entitled: I’M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY.

  3. Excellent comments about music! GOOD music! Andre Rieu, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, patriotic Lee Greenwood’s—God Bless the USA— but not the loud, rauscous, hip-hop, jivin’ stuff goin’ round! And the lyrics are equally as important! …if we just take time to relax and listen!

  4. Good morning Jeff. I really enjoyed your thoughts on music and how it can set a enjoyable mood.
    I’m attending a weekend class to finish up on a new certification and as I was driving, I found some great music that really changed my thoughts from how this class has taken a weekend from me. Too I’m glad I got it out of the way.
    Or maybe it was just the Patriot Power Greens and Protein kicking in, lol
    Thanks for the great message.

  5. Jeff, my wife and I are in our 80’s and share your thoughts on relaxing with our favorite tunes.
    I love classical music and she listens to Alternative. It’s great therapy!

  6. Very sage comments, Jeff. Music has indeed been found to modify our thinking. David played the Lyre to soothe Saul’s soul. Kids like to play loud, fast music in the background while they study, because it opens their minds to learn. I like to play Vivaldi when I’m doing creative writing, and I often listen to soft music to set the mood in my house. It works! Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for this great reminder on music’s effects, I used to have some cassettes that were very relaxing.

    Of course now I can’t find them!

  8. Music certainly provides a place of respite for me. Throughout the week I listen to talk radio, news and information TV shows leaving my head too full, bogged down. Recently I turned them off and played some of my favorite music CD’s & streaming choices. It left and does leave my mind feeling softer, looser and in a state of mind which allows me to see the beauty in my life. I am attempting to turn to the music more often.

  9. Sitting here listening to Bob Seger Greatest hits ,with a cup of coffee, I would have to agree. I’ve been reflecting about the last year. I started Patriot Renewal, sold my business, after 36 years in that field and am now recovering from my second shoulder reconstruction in 7 months. (Different shoulders). I have a lot to be thankful for. Health wise, I am in good shape, other than the obvious. My BP is 126/78, my pulse rate is an eyebrow raising 45 (not a misprint) I was nearly turned away from a blood drive when I was 20, with a rate of 44. I was monitored years ago for a possibility of sleep apnea and the results were negative but I found something else out about myself. My pulse rate during that test dropped to 23.
    I think your lifestyle choices have a large impact on you wellbeing and longevity. I don’t expect too many can claim my heart rate.
    I think that Patriot Renewal has helped be get back to what I once had. I think clearer now and can focus better. Thank you!
    See you all in Alaska. Building my retirement on the Kenai peninsula now.😃

  10. Hello. I understand about the music. I have RA. I have pain everywhere. I did realize that I am not eating what I should. I am single so cooking a good meal is almost impossible especially when being on a fixed income is involved. I can’t eat the same thing every day which I was told that I am correct. You should try big bands music and swing. Something new for you to try just like I am with your products. By the way, I have 3 rescue cats and they love music. I wake up with the music in my head. Keeps me calm and wanting to get up and keep going. thank you for your time. Beth

  11. Jeff, I agree 100% with your thoughts on the benefits of listening to music to sooth and motivate a person. Thanks for your Sunday thoughts.

  12. Jeff,
    Thank you for the post on music. I agree 100% with you. I had a total hip replacement this past Wednesday. My husband has made me a few different play list to help me through my day. I have a PT play list, a playlist for the pain (I worry about using the pain meds) , a play list to help my mood, etc….
    I enjoy all kinds of music. I thank the good Lord for the gift of music!

  13. Thanks for the music plug Jeff,
    . Everything you said is right on. I am a professional musician. I am a music minister, Youth Director, Music therapist, Music teacher, Band leader, producer, arranger and composer of music. Sad that it has been one of the subjects our government has mostly deleted from public schools. It was, when I grew up in the 1960’s a class required like math, science and every other. Music is an important part of complete and healthy human development. Thanks again for plugging one of my favorite subjects.
    If you like fingerstyle acoustic guitar, you might like some of the video’s on my website. They were recorded live, one take, no stops or edits. It covers most of the music styles you mentioned. Classical, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass and a little Jazz too, with a special appearances by Louis Armstrong and Kermit D. Frog for a little humor added in.
    Best wishes,
    Michael Marth

  14. i could not have said it better. music to me is enjoying the best part of your life. i was able to get through some hard times, one in oarticular when i lost my precious son. i always loved to sing. it gets me through some hard times. so glad you feel this way too.

  15. After my dad retired, he formed a small music ensemble. They went to retirement homes and nursing homes to play. They even played dances for retirement homes. At one nursing home there was a lady that had been completely unresponsive to everyone, just stayed in a wheel chair with her head hung down. Suddenly the band played something that brought back good memories. She raised her head and began to move it to the music. Next she stood up and swayed to the music! Those at the rest home were astonished! Music has healing properties that I do not believe we have even begun to know.

  16. Absolutely loved this Sunday read. Music has always been the most important thing in my life. I use it for everything in this article.

  17. I never miss Jeff’s Sunday thoughts, and particularly enjoyed his email on music. Many years ago, I wrote a research paper on music as therapy. I couldn’t agree with Jeff more.

  18. Jeff, I completely agree with your musings about Music. It has “ grab-your -heart and limbs” power, and yet at times such tenderly touching gentleness ! In singing/playing GODS music, it does both of the aforementioned attributes, plus lifts your spirits.
    Thank you for discussing the benefits of music. Keep singing, humming, whistling whatever “floats your boat”!
    A former Music/Sign Language teacher from Okla.

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