Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (long weekend edition)

Today I’m getting ready to prep for tomorrow’s annual Labor Day cookout. We’ll be having friends and family around, just something casual.

A nice way to close out the summer.

Fire up the barbeque. Cook something healthy. And just take a moment to enjoy each other’s company.

I love this type of weekend, don’t you?

I’ll probably try to get in a little golf in the morning, then get ready to open up our house. It’s gotten a little quieter since the kids have grown, but when the grandkids are around, things start to rev up again.

And the best part is I can spoil them and then send them home!

Kids really keep you feeling young, it’s true. I love to take them fishing, or teach them a little about this country’s history, or just sit back and watch them playing with Ellie.

She loves the hustle and bustle as much as Karen and I do.

Even if you don’t have big plans for tomorrow, take this time to take stock of the year so far.

How are those goals coming?

Before you know it, we’re into fall and then getting ready for another new year. There’s still plenty of time to get on track with your goals – health focused or not – before we’re knee deep in the holiday season.

Remember, any healthy habit starts with making it a priority. Write it down. And get to starting.

Even if you’ll have a houseful tomorrow like us, once the dishes are put away and the grandkids are gone, we’ll make time for a walk to wind the day down.

It’s a great way to both check something off your “goal list” and reconnect with Karen at the same time.

Enjoy the day tomorrow!

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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9 thoughts on “Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (long weekend edition)

  1. Jeff, I just wanted to say that patriot power greens is the best tasting super food that I have tried to date. And I have tried a few of them.

  2. Hello Mr Reagan glade you are having a nice labor day weekend for me it work as usual, I’m a hard v ore truck driver and I’m working as always it would be nice if you give us Patriots truck driver some good tips and res9to use out here on these Road away from home taking care off the American people and making sure they have everthing that they need as well ,for too many years I’ve seen the un thankful jobs we do go un notices and I bye the food for Patriots for at home but I’ve seen alot of times where it hard to make it out here with short times ,could you please mention us trucker or write us trucker with just anything that show we are not forgotten, it would really help from time to time to know that we have someone else besides our family thinking about us and what we do for our country and the people ,thank you sir

  3. What size are the boxes the 3 months food come in? I am a “Gem of Antiquity” recovering from a broken hip & the size of the previous 3 months shipment is too large & heavy for me. I gave it to the grans, but, I live alone.& need to be able to do the daily moving, stoking, etc. HELP!!!

  4. Greetings Jeff:
    Thanks for the upbeat Labor Day Message you sent out today. Perhaps it’s high time we take inventory of the Positive Things that have happened over the past 21 months. Keep informing our fellow Patriots about their DUTY to cast their precious vote in November. To Vote is not a privilege Jeff, it is our Duty as Citizens of the Greatest Nation on Earth. Semper Fi my Fellow Patriots.

  5. Jeff, I suppose I’ll unsursribe your news letter, it hurts to read about such a beautiful life.. because I’m 58 .. no grandchildren because their Dad passed away with agent orange at 42.. which I was lucky to have the 1 suvuvung so out if 5 pregnancies.. he is now duabked(my son) from the side effects.. I gave up all my benifites being so young to remarry a civilian and after 16 years of marriage I came down with breast cancer and soon after as I stand beside my lil Mothers death bed he served me with divorce papers because my scars were too much.. I took out my 401 k to buy me a place which was in Walker, La. in no flood zone with 6 ft of water a 500 year flood.. not having flood ins.. I lost everything . So my son ask me to come be around him and his wife in Houston, Tx. Lol just in time for Harvey.. no this whole time I have let him take my self esteem afraid to even look for nor even date because afraid no one would be able to insure my scars enough to love me!! So I’ve been alone now for 7 years.. my new daughter n law doesn’t approve of me so I sit here alone.. we’ll in bed most of the time … yesterday the house I lease the owner either wants me to buy it or move.. well I’ve always worked out .. health habits.. but now seldom eat just don’t care anymore.. this is not me after being Military 20 years.. I though I was tough enough .. I’ve prayed so hard to get over all this heartache .. I’m proud fir you don’t get me wrong but it’s depressing to read of such a beautiful life u have … just to have a grandchild is beautiful and something I’ve always wanted.. I think tomorrow I’ll celebrate one way.. 😞 what other choice do I have.. I don’t know where to go .. not wanted by anyone anymore.. I wish u a beautiful day tomorrow .. you look up and ask God for me to help me please.. because I’m about as low as I can get!!! God Bless

  6. Thank you so much for your prayers and your letter, yes I to will be in joying the holiday, once again thank you for letter God Bless you

  7. In addition to labor day, tomorrow is also our independence day – the day the U S signed the treaty ending our independence war with England
    Did you know?

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