Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (flip the script edition)

Life throws a lot of stuff at you.

Some of it is bad, full stop.

Some of it is good.

And some of it just annoying, frustrating or makes you feel like you were born under a bad sign.

Look, I’m not Mr. Sunshine all the time.

When I get a flat tire, I don’t jump for joy. I probably utter a few choice words that might have gotten me a mouthful of Ivory back in the day…

But when life feels like you’ve accidently knocked over a beehive, maybe it’s time to take a moment and enjoy the honey.

Like my flat tire. At least I have a car. Not everyone can say that.

A flight delay? Well, if it’s because mechanics are working on making sure my flight is safe, and everyone gets home in one piece… well, “thank you” feels pretty good vs. blowing your stack.

And trust me. No flight gets back on track just because you shoot off your mouth.

Stuck in traffic? Think about how lucky you have to have someplace to go.

I can remember a comedian talking about how frustrated people get when their cell phones don’t work absolutely perfectly, every single time.

Think about it. You carry in your hand a mini computer that gives you access to virtually every written word ever written. And lets you talk to people around the globe, sending messages to space!

Sorry it didn’t post your cat picture right the first time…

I’m not really trying to tell you up is down, East is actually West. When bad things happen, they can be really bad. And it’s ok to feel mad about it.

But if you at least look for the flipside, it makes picking yourself up and dusting yourself off that much easier.

I’m still looking for the “good” about the time I shattered a brand-new jar of organic tomato sauce on my garage floor on the way into the house…

It forced me to make a pesto instead? And it was good, so…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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20 thoughts on “Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (flip the script edition)

  1. Really enjoyed today’s Sunday Thoughts! Thank you! We all need to reflect on how-it-could-have-need every once in awhile. And, sometime I need to reflect more often. Have a wonderful Sunday! I do plan to enjoy mine! 😀

  2. Good morning Jeff, I agree with your philosophy about the Ups and Downs of life. What we in America don’t realize often enough is just how good we really have it.

    Much of the world will never experience the benefits of being AMERICAN especially in the Good times like now!

    My family and I are going to the beach today, a clean family style state park at the Jersey shore. Then afterwards a real tasty boardwalk Pizza at a family business thats been around since 1950!

    God Bless us all in this beautiful place called AMERICA!! be talkin Michael

  3. Good mornjng I enjoy your Soul Food every day .I look forward yo it every day. First thjng i look for. Lots of beauty in this world thanks a bunch 😊🇺🇸⛾

  4. Dear Mr. Jeff,

    Thank you so much for your thought-provoking Sunday Thoughts! Not so many people engaged in a big business or corporation would focus on life’s values beyond that of money as you do. Please keep up with your good work of reminding the world that there are other things as important, if not more, than medical remedies and life-saving equipment. May your tribe increase! May God continue to bless PHA!

    Most sincerely,
    Relly Jimenez, editor
    Quiet Reflections

  5. Thanks for your comments this week. After the last few days I had they sure came in handy. You’re path can get a little blurry when things start going sideways.

  6. Thank you! Reality sometimes sucks… Or a good friend used to say (now deceased from cancer)
    ” It is … what it is”

  7. Was feeling in the dumps the last few days was thinking the same thing makes you feel better about the situation..thanks for the back up..

  8. It’s hard to find the silver lining at times,really hard. At 66 and an active hicker & kayaker I had a stroke July 25. The first thing Positive I found laying in the hospital was all the friends that I forgot I have.It took a bit to realize my life wasn’t over. I will get back on the water. God is helping me every day both physically and mentally and throw in some spiritually also.Thank you for your Thoughts on Sundays.

  9. Looking on the sunnierside of life sure is easier in the long run.
    At 71, I look back on two miscarriages with gratitude for my 4 wonderful adult children. I’ve outlived 2 of my three husbands. I thank God I outlived the first one and thank God for 33 wonderful years with the second one and now almost 10 years since I met the third husband. I’d told someone when I was widowed at 55, that I figured I had more chance of drowning in the ocean where I live ( New Mexico) as remarrying. God has a good sense of humor. He sent a lonely Californian to New Mexico. We’ve been inseparable friends since the day we met at the flea market on a rainy day when almost no one was out. There would have been no leisurely conversation if the sun had been shinning and he was busy with customers that Saturday morning.
    I love playing in the dirt. We grown ups call it gardening. A fresh cup of coffee in bed most mornings served with a smile, is pure pleasure.
    I’m painting my “new” home before moving in while waiting on hooking up water, sewer, et. I love color! Bright or light colors make it easier for me to see things inside cupboards so while my kitchen is a pretty sedate gray…. When you open the cupboards you will find a bright purple pink color. :). In my last kitchen the interior of the cupboards was mint green. A freestanding narrow closet
    I’m incorporating into a tiny entry mudroom is… Cantlope orange! White on the outside.
    My bathroom is the same intense blue you see in a clear sunny sky in the western states. My towel hooks are a repurposed drawer front with two antique wooden knobs, and a molded octopus in bright aqua blue. The tentacles hold my towel and washcloth. I haven’t decided on an interior color there yet. Maybe white, since the room is so intensely blue.
    I still love to walk early in the morning, after a fresh snowfall, when the world is sparkling like a million diamonds and the snow crunches underfoot from the cold before the sun warms it.
    Loving. Life.

  10. My husband got cancer (and BEAT it!) I thought- what can possibly be goodabout this? Well, he lost his taste for booze! And it was a BIG taste. Yay!
    Now if you all out there can help me find a good thing about having to try to find a way to get enough money to pay our mortgage every month I will be grateful! I AM grateful that we still have a roof over our heads (tho it needs major repair) – that we have had the privilege of living on this small parcel of heaven for over 25 years – that we have not given in to the developers who want to tear down this century old farm house (which is a piece of artwork in itself) and all the beautiful foliage on this 3 1/2 acres that provide for homes for wildlife, a place for Mother Earth to soak up the rains that fall and peace for my husband and I to live in the middle of this megalopolis. But we would like to stay here without the worry that our loan will be called or we’ll be evicted or forced to sell out to developers. I’d rather not get ulcers too! Haha.Jeannie

  11. Hi, Jeff,

    Your writings have become a pleasure to read, ever since a few years ago when I was bugging you incessantly to have somebody proofread your letters to correct the spelling, word usage, etc. Congratulations.

  12. Jeff….wish you had commented on the Patriot that just died. Unfortunately everything now is tainted with political prejudice. But we all know you to be a staunch supporter of our troops. John McCain was a true Patriot and should have acknowledged him today. Thank You Jeff. Keep up the good work. Carolyn Anderson

  13. Jeff,you are so right. When things don’t go right sometimes, it’s very easy to fly off the handle. It doesn’t make you feel better and definetly doesn’t improve the situation. Just ask God to help you be a solution and not more of a problem.

  14. When my youngest child was born, the doctor recommended C-section at 34 weeks. Every thing was fine, until she had ”sleep apnea'” and needed to stay in the hospital . (My first mental reaction: I don’t want to leave without her!) So we went home, and tried to visit every day. . Finally we requested that we be able to take her home with a monitor. (That was OK, at least we have her home 🙂 The monitor was annoying, but at least we weren’t running to the hospital daily . Finally, a more naturally minded pediatrician permitted us to remove the monitor) We felt like we had finally obtained a more peaceful home. Reminding myself that all things really do work together for good for those who love God, (Romans 8) and God will not give us more than we can handle kept me from discouragement during this time. ( And other scriptures helped us through even harder circumstances). For those interested in the ‘rest of the story’) I will share it if there is interest.

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