I was right (again)!

There’s a singer-songwriter named Lori McKenna who wrote a beautiful song called “Humble & Kind.”

Now, you may not know her by name, because other folks have had more success than she has, singing songs she actually wrote.

But I’d bet you’ve heard the Tim McGraw version. It’s a nice reminder about what’s important in life, in the words of a parent to a child.

My mom always told me to be humble too. And I try not to toot my own horn.

Unless I think it might help someone of course. (That’s the kind part.)

But seriously, when I recommend something, I WANT to be right. Because that means it’s helping you.

So you can imagine how I felt when I got this email from Sue B…

I went back to it recently, and it totally made my day all over again:

“Jeff, I have to admit when I’m wrong.

I had been popping chewable dual action heartburn [tablets] with greater frequency since age 50.

My favorite pleasure is a movie with some popcorn. The popcorn would set off heartburn faster and stronger than anything else I ate, although many other things caused problems to a lesser extent.

I got a trial bottle of your Digestive Freedom Plus just because it was discounted and I was desperate. I did not expect anything.

What a shock when I started using your drops and found no need for the other heartburn remedies!

I finally decided to give your product the real test as I neared the end of the sample bottle. I went to the movies and ordered popcorn.

That night I slept perfectly and had no problems from the popcorn! I thought maybe they changed the oil or something. The theater said no.

Just to prove your product wrong, I put on some ‘butter.’ I went home and again nothing.

I went into the trial of your product very skeptical. After ordering the product in quantity and plus size, and using it for several months now, I must finally admit I was wrong.

At least for this 60-year-old gal, it has completely cleared up all digestive problems.

Still have trouble believing this, but this testimonial is true and I am the average Sue!”

There are few things that bring more pleasure to life than your favorite foods.

And as Sue can tell you, when your favorite foods bring nothing but regret… it’s like a punch in the gut.

Are there things you’ve stopped eating, because they don’t “agree” with you anymore?

If that’s something you can relate to, then I’d suggest you follow Sue’s lead.

Because a few drops of Digestive Freedom Plus before a meal can mean the difference between “yes please” and “no thanks” when it comes to that chili, or rich dessert, or whatever occasional pleasure you’ve given up because it’s not worth “paying the price.”

Thank you, Sue. I’m sure your story will help a lot of people.

And I’d encourage you to seek out Lori McKenna. She’s worth a listen.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. What’s your food “enemy?” Is it popcorn, like Sue? Spicy food? A healthy food like cauliflower, or are you tormented by beans? Whatever your “trigger,” Digestive Freedom Plus could be the antidote.

I encourage you to check it out, right here.

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