The sunflower remedy for joint pain

Every fire — from a tiny campfire to a raging inferno — begins with a spark.

And the same is true of inflammation.

Inside your body is a chemical called Nuclear Factor Kappa-B — or NF-kB for short.

As it turns out, NF-kB is the “spark” that can ignite the fires of inflammation.

But it wasn’t until a groundbreaking Harvard study that anyone knew that this was a problem. In fact, most experts thought NF-kB was harmless.

And for good reason. Normally, NF-kB is a “good guy.”

It helps regulate your immune system. It fights off infections. It even “programs” your cells for faster healing.

But excess free radicals… toxins in your home or car… even tasty foods like hamburgers and French fries can send your levels of this “good guy” chemical through the roof.

And that’s bad news. Because when NF-kB gets too high, it goes from “Dr. Jekyll” to “Mr. Hyde” — and sparks a firestorm of inflammation!

How does it work?

Excess NF-kB forces your body to pump out inflammatory triggers.

As these chemicals spread, the fires of inflammation smolder. And before long, they’re raging out of control.

But the same Harvard study had an equally important discovery…

When you lower NF-kB levels, you can snuff out the fires of inflammation at the source!

And the best news is there’s a safe and natural way to do this, and give you hope for finally making your joint problems a thing of the past.

A plant from the sunflower family, called Leopard’s Bane.

Since the Middle Ages, doctors and healers have used this natural herb to relieve pain, target bruising and as a first line of defense against injuries.

But new research has confirmed it can also be a powerful weapon in the battle against joint pain, too.

You see, recent scientific studies prove this European herb contains a compound called helenalin.

That’s great news, because helenalin happens to be one of the most powerful NF-KB inhibitors on the planet.

In other words, this mountain flower “snuffs out” the spark of inflammation before it attacks your knees, back, hips, or hands. And that goes a long way to getting you the relief you deserve.

And once you stop NF-KB from going haywire, it actually helps promote healing. In fact, it “reprograms” your DNA to accelerate your body’s natural ability to repair damaged cartilage.

But that’s just the start.

In one study, scientists looked at Leopard’s Bane’s ability to sooth joint pain.

Incredibly, the Leopard’s Bane group reported a 50% improvement in pain levels.

That’s right — this mountain herb cut their joint pain in half! What’s more, they had less stiffness and better range of motion.

The placebo group didn’t see any improvement at all. In fact, their knee pain actually got worse!

In fact, Leopard’s Bane, in a separate study, showed dramatic improvements for 9 out 10 people who tried it! That’s almost unheard of — especially for a natural remedy.

For centuries, Leopard’s Bane was a closely-held secret of traditional Swedish healers. (I’ve told you about the Swedes and their success with digestive remedies too… they’re really doing something right over there.)

But a few decades ago, word about this amazing healing remedy got out. And before long, European doctors started prescribing it to patients for fast relief of muscle and joint problems.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t hear about Leopard’s Bane from your own doctor.

Far too few are up on the latest science, especially when it’s happening across the pond. And they might be quick to dismiss something coming out of Sweden, instead of somewhere here at home.

With Patriot Flex, we combine the best natural joint remedies from traditional European, Chinese and Indian medicine with modern medical breakthroughs.

And of course, every bottle contains pure Leopard’s Bane (also known as Arnica Montana).

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, Patriot Flex also contains other herbs and natural pain relief ingredients that work together to provide fast relief from your aches and stiffness.

If you’re dealing with joint pain – in your hands, hips, knees or back – fast relief is a blessing.

And with Patriot Flex, you get a chance to put the relief exactly where you need it – even the applicator is a little different.

Get the full story right here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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