Jeff Reagan’s Sunday Thoughts (bored edition)

I probably shouldn’t write this with us just getting back from church service.

Karen’s probably going to get the wrong idea.

But I think it’s time we allowed ourselves more time to be bored

Have you ever noticed – pretty much wherever you go – everyone left waiting for some reason… they’re head down, in their phones?

In line at the grocery store. Sitting at a red light in their cars.

Heck, turn on a sporting event and count the number of people looking at their screens instead of the thing they paid GOOD MONEY to be there to watch…

I’m not some sort of Luddite. I like technology as much as the next guy. Twenty years ago, I couldn’t have a business like this… at least, not the way we do it.

But we seem to spend every waking moment of our day trying to fill the gaps with activity. Check email, social media… anything to be distracted.

People really don’t know how to be alone with their thoughts anymore.

And that’s a pity, really.

I surely wonder what it will do to the next generation. These kids tend to gather together and barely look at each other.

When you give yourself a chance to just let your mind wander, you tend to get to a place where you solve problems… come up with ideas… or just think.

The creativity of our kids is declining. They’ve measured it. And there are a lot of big problems to solve… we’re counting on them to do it.

It’s time to set an example.

The next time you’re feeling bored… don’t turn on the TV, or pick up your phone.

Don’t reach for a book, or magazine. Just sit a spell and let yourself think a minute.

You never know what world problem you’ll solve.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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