Tuna, salmon and sardines

Growing up I didn’t eat much fish.

After all, we mostly ate what we grew, or what was local.

And there isn’t a lot of oceanfront property in Ohio.

Now that I’m in Texas, I’m a lot closer to the Gulf. So fresh fish is a treat that I’ve really gotten fond of.

Not lake trout and bass like I might catch as a kid, but all kinds of fish. And the occasional fish that has to be flown in, like tuna or Alaskan salmon.

No wonder my joints feel so good!

What, you didn’t know that if you eat fish a couple times a week, you’re less likely to have inflammation and joint pain?

Ok, I confess – I didn’t know that for sure either. But it makes sense.

And a recent study in Arthritis Care & Research showed it’s true.

Nearly 200 people’s diets were studied over the past year, and tracked in comparison to swollen, tender joints.

They also tracked their blood levels of inflammation.

What they found that is if you regularly eat fish – baked, steamed, broiled or raw – you’re going to see less inflammation.

It stands to reason. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory. Just one of nature’s ways of encouraging you to eat things that are good for you.

And you don’t have to eat it every week to see some benefit. Every serving of fish showed improvements.

If you’re dealing with joint pain, doing something that’s good for you in other ways makes perfect sense.

Because fish is good for your heart, your brain, your mood, your skin and even PMS.

I like things to do double duty when I’m doing something good for myself.

Take my Joint & Muscle Freedom formula. Of course, it’s good for reducing inflammation, and the resulting aches and pains that come with it.

But the carotenoids in this comprehensive blend do double duty too.

They build strength in aging muscles, which is a key predictor of whether you’ll be able to get around as you get older. And stay independent.

But they’re also good for your eyes.

Which is another way to protect your independence too.

It’s like getting an eye health formula for free, when you think about it.

Building up your levels of available carotenoids builds grip strength.

Which you’re going to need – to stay vibrant and active. Especially if you go fishing!

Get the details on Joint & Muscle Freedom here.

God Bless,
Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. I hope I can be convincing when I write to you. You learn something, and put it into action.

But a former colleague of mine is not a fish eater.

So she was pretty excited when I introduced Joint & Muscle Freedom.

Deseriee told me, “After knee problems, I wanted to lean more towards a natural way with supplements. I had been advised to take milk thistle and boswellia, and was buying several products. Patriot Health Alliance has combined these natural ingredients in one product. How can I go wrong – and I save money!”

What does she know that you don’t? Get the full story on this unique formula here.


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