First pain, then this happens

If you’re like a lot of people with joint concerns, it’s less of a problem during the day.

When you’re distracted, or busy, it just becomes easier to deal with.

But when nighttime rolls around… it’s a different story.

And if that trick knee starts acting up, it often leads to a second problem – poor sleep.

In fact, 7 out of 10 folks with a knee problem also suffer from sleep issues too.

They go hand-in-hand.

Pain makes it hard to sleep. And poor sleep makes things hurt even more while you’re awake.

But if you take positive steps to get a better night’s rest, it can make you feel a lot better. Not just more energy… but less pain too.

Study participants who underwent therapy to learn to sleep better – basically shifting your thinking so you’re less anxious that you can’t sleep, and learning to calm yourself – experienced far less pain in their knees.

And with less pain, their health improved in other ways too – like a healthy weight, normal blood pressure and more.

Getting to bed at a regular time, avoiding big meals at night, and having a “wind down” routine can really help.

So can deep breathing.

Just a couple minutes in bed of deliberate, in-and-outs, focusing on relaxing can do the trick.

This lowers the activity of your nervous system, and helps you drift off.

It also helps to take one of these before bed too.

You see, my Joint & Muscle Freedom formula is designed to make it easy to take a divided dose. One in the morning, and one at night.


Because that’s the way they did it in a breakthrough clinical study at Stanford.

You may be thinking… so what?

Well, I’ll tell you so what, %1stname%.

When study participants took a divided dose of silymarin – the same ingredient in Joint & Muscle Freedom, it worked fast to relieve their pain.

How fast? One week.

How much? More than half of their pain gone – 53%.

Ok, so that still leaves some pain.

But by 4 weeks – the folks in the study had virtually no pain at all. Zero.

That’s because silymarin does this…

It reduces a key inflammatory cascade, the “Complement Cascade.”

Like a game of tag, one pain molecule pokes another, and then they all get in the game. But this stops the pain game before it starts.

And according to Stanford scientists, this is the key to controlling the vicious cycle of inflammation in your joints.

Less inflammation, less pain.

And less pain means better sleep too.

This is the opposite of a vicious cycle.

It’s the beginning of a new you – with pain-free days doing the things you love. And better sleep, so you wake up refreshed… and ready to start a new day again.

If knee pain (or some other ache) is a problem for you, it’s time you did something about it.

Start tonight, with a relaxing bedtime routine. And for extra support, try this.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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