This “Health Miracle” is Safe… and FREE

Every day, scientists are working away in labs across this country and around the world, looking for the next “breakthrough.”

If they can solve one problem, great. If their concoction has multiple benefits… well, that’s the Holy Grail. That’ll really make the cash registers sing.

How about one simple thing to improve your brain health, protect you from heart disease, ease the pain in your joints, and put you in a good mood? Imagine that…

The company that came up with a pill like that would make a mint, right?

You don’t have to wait for this wonder drug though. You can use this health miracle, starting right now… as soon as you finish reading this if you like.

I’m talking about walking.

Stay with me, because if you’re thinking a stroll around the neighborhood can’t do all that much… you may be surprised.

For starters, walking is good for your brain, and your mood. Get walking and you’ll be healthier, and happier too…

People who make a habit of walking have a more positive outlook on life. And they feel better about themselves.

With less of the kind of brain activity that’s linked to mental illness.

When you walk on a regular basis, your brain starts building new neural connections. Which is a good thing.

Walking also protects you against dementia and Alzheimer’s. It cuts your risk in half, in fact.

Not bad for something you can do free, anywhere and anytime you like.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not much for a treadmill. Too boring. Thankfully, the studies show you get the best results walking outside, which doesn’t surprise me.

I’d much rather grab Ellie for a walk around the block, breathe in some fresh air, and wave to the neighbors than stare at some numbers on a screen… wouldn’t you?

You don’t even have to block out a long time either. A few short walks during the day for as little as 10 minutes each can give you the same benefits as one longer walk… Whatever works for you.

Walking’s not just good for your brain, it’s great for your ticker too.

If you think you need to break a sweat to have a healthy heart, you really don’t. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t if you’re able, but walking can do the trick too.)

A daily 30-minute walk does a lot of good for your heart, no sweating required.

It lowers blood pressure. And reduces your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Again, you don’t have to get all those minutes in at once. Three 10 minute walks work just as well.

Now, if you have arthritis-related joint pain, you may resist walking because, well… it might hurt.

But walking can actually help you start rebuilding those damaged joints. Walking squeezes your cartilage… which sounds strange, but it’s actually good for you. Over time, walking can give you more cushion—and less pain—in your sore joints.

Just take it slow and build up your distance day by day.

Once you get in the habit, you may actually miss your daily walks if you don’t take them. And it’s a great way to catch up with a friend, or wind down after dinner with your spouse.

If something free actually makes you healthier, happier and closer to other people all at the same time… why wouldn’t you do it?

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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