You woke up with high BP

You went to bed last night and your blood pressure was “normal.”

But this morning it’s official. You have “high blood pressure.”

Nothing’s changed. Your blood pressure’s the same today as it was yesterday.

It’s just that the American Heart Associate Task Force on Clinical Practice Guidelines (quite the mouthful) changed what’s considered high blood pressure.

Before 140/90 or above meant you had high blood pressure. The new guidelines drop that to 130/80…

The number of people with an official diagnosis of high blood pressure went from 75 million to nearly 110 million… with the stroke of a pen.

That’s good news for drug companies. Not so great for you.

Keep in mind, high blood pressure is a silent killer.

It shows no symptoms. But it doubles your risk of heart disease and stroke.

And once you’re “diagnosed,” your doctor can make a persuasive, very scary argument about why you should consider medication.

Probably a lifetime of it.

It’s no surprise that BP meds can have nasty side effects.

Like feeling tired all the time. Headaches. They can send you running to the bathroom. They can even interfere with your sex life.

When you consider you’re treating a condition that wasn’t making you tired, achy, uncomfortable, or impotent in the first place… it hardly seems fair.

So, what now?

If you’re newly diagnosed with this change in guidelines, talk to your doctor about lifestyle changes first, before the prescription pad comes out.

Some pretty straightforward ones work well. Don’t let your doc tell you different before trying them…

Being physically active is key. But you don’t have to go overboard. Just a brisk walk every day. That alone can drop your pressure 8 points.

Another easy way to lower BP — and I love this one because it’s so simple — is to spend a little time each day taking slow, deep breaths.

Use your stomach muscles to breath in. And then just relax those same muscles to exhale without any effort. It only takes five minutes a day of breathing like this to see real improvements.

Another easy trick — enjoy a square of dark chocolate every day. For some people this daily treat helps to lower blood pressure. So, indulge a little.

(I’m not talking about scarfing down Kit Kats… 70% cacao dark chocolate, and stop with a square.)

Or try listening to music. In studies classical, Celtic and even Indian music delivered the best results. It just needs to be soothing. A half hour of easy listening a day can lower your blood pressure by almost five points.

Or try tea. Specifically, hibiscus tea. In one study people who drank three cups a day dropped their blood pressure by 7 points.

Now just so you know, if you’re taking meds, your doctor’s going to be happy to see a 7-point drop.

But wouldn’t you rather get there by going for a walk, breathing better, eating chocolate, listening to music or drinking tea?

They’re headache free, indigestion free, fatigue free, and impotence free.

And compared to the cost of BP meds… well, they’re not actually FREE, but they’re much closer.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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