The truth about “Low T”

As a man of a certain age, I pay attention to the research when it comes to testosterone.

Because when your “T” drops, a lot of things go down with it.

Muscle tone. Energy. Stamina. And intimacy.

You can’t escape the news about what happens to us guys as we age. And there’s no lack of “solutions” — natural or otherwise.

But you deserve to know what’s really happening. And what you can do about it.

It’s probably no surprise that testosterone is produced in your testicles. The root of production are cells known as “Leydig cells.”

(These cells were discovered in the 1800’s by Franz Leydig, a German who probably didn’t figure this would be his legacy… but here we are, Franz.)

Beginning with puberty, your Leydigs start pumping testosterone into your system. And your body wakes up as a result.

But sadly, once we hit 40, things slow down big time. By the time we’re 70, our trusty Leydigs deteriorate — and T production falls off a cliff — as much as 60% or more.

And that’s not the worst part.

There’s a sinister hormone that sabotages your testosterone too. And when you hit 60 or older, it makes 98% of your testosterone weak, and siphons off the virility spark you took for granted.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) binds to your testosterone, which makes it unusable in your body. It’s no longer “free.”

This one-two punch below the belt lays waste to your energy, and you might not even feel like being intimate anymore.

However, if you reduce SHBG and block its effects on testosterone, you really can get back in the game.

Now, the root of the tongkat ali shrub has been used for hundreds of years to put pep back in men’s steps. But I don’t rely on anecdotes.

It’s the clinical studies that show it works that get my attention.

One study showed the percentage of men with normal “T” levels rose from 35% to almost 91% in just a month. ONE MONTH.

That’s the power of nature, guys.

Another study showed that after just 3 weeks, nearly 3 out of 4 men reported improved sexual performance.

And more than 9 out of 10 said their sex lives were better.

No wonder tongkat ali is a key part of my Ultimate Male formula.

But I didn’t stop there.

An herb called epimedium, (which some people call “horny goat weed,” since legend has it that goats that eat it… well, you get the picture) can help with performance too.

How? Some studies show epimedium may increase blood levels of nitric oxide, which helps blood vessels to dilate.

And blood flow is the key to all kinds of health benefits. (This goes for women too, though for women I recommend this.)

So if you’re worried about T levels, or just can’t put a finger on why you’re dragging through your day, I recommend you take a look at my comprehensive men’s formula here.

You may not get it in time for Valentine’s Day. But if you take this step to roll back the clock a little, your wife won’t care if it’s Valentine’s Day…

Because it’s going to seem like the 4th of July.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. If you haven’t gotten a Valentine’s Day gift, there’s still time to fix that and avoid the doghouse.

But while you’re at it, pick up a gift for yourself. Discover the secrets behind my “T-boost” formula right here.

And if you’d prefer an all-over circulation boost instead, here’s something that can return the spark for men and women both.

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