Women ask: What about US?

Most of what I discuss in these letters applies to everyone. Men and women both.

At least, those of us who are well past 50 and reluctant to take a prescription for every last thing that ails us…

But occasionally what I recommend is specifically for men.

My Ultimate Male formula is a pretty obvious example.

Guys, if you’re looking to boost testosterone naturally, this supplement, along with exercise, is a great one-two punch to stop that inevitable decline…

The plummeting T-levels that impact our strength, energy, physiques and “manhood.”

My formula can get you back on track, if you give it a chance to work…

But I got an email from a reader named Alice who feels like it’s men getting all the help.

I don’t blame her.

Just watch sports on TV for 5 minutes some weekend. Pay attention to the commercials.

You’d think all the big pharmaceutical companies do is focus on men and their libidos…

But when it comes to something to put the spark back in the bedroom, return the “desire” and have everything functioning as it did years ago… what about something for women?

Alice writes: “How come that it seems it’s always the guys who are addressed regarding help in sexual intimacy? Is there help for women out there?”

The truth is, helping men has actually been studied more completely, and there are many more studies on the subject…

That’s probably because men’s issues are typically reserved for two areas. The first is testosterone.

And the second is blood flow.

If you can have an appreciable impact on one of these two “triggers” you’re likely to see some results…

For women, it’s more complex.

Interest and function are more intertwined. And sadly, because the solution isn’t as easy… there’s less interest in trying to solve it.

But there is hope. One possible solution is an herb calledmaca.

This hearty ground cover grows high in the Andes under very harsh conditions. Few plants can even survive there.

Legend has it, shepherds ate the root, and fed it to livestock. Then they noticed that not only were the herds healthier… they had increased fertility.

Studies have shown maca to be impactful for both men and women. And at higher doses, not only is desire improved, but sexual function improves as well.

To be effective, you’re looking at 1500 mg, and as much as 3000 mg of maca daily.

Yet another solution for both men and women is something I mentioned earlier – a focus on blood flow.

If you improve circulation, you’re not just going to feel benefits in your heart, your brain and your extremities… even your “unmentionables” get greater blood flow…

And blood flow is key to sexual function.

Both men and women report good results from a product like my ActivOX Daily. It provides many benefits that aren’t related to the bedroom of course.

But when it does work in that area, it’s not exclusively for men.

I’ll keep my eyes open and keep researching. Maybe someday I’ll have an “Ultimate Female” formula.

But for now, I’d recommend you give ActivOX Daily a trial. Relationship expert John Gray suggests a nitric oxide booster might be just the thing to help women, and I’d agree.

I’d suggest a half lozenge twice daily to improve blood flow to the genitals, and one whole lozenge two hours before you plan to be intimate…

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. Sorry Alice, but this last note is just for the guys.

I do not recommend taking both Ultimate Male andActivOX Daily together. This is really an either/or type thing. It really comes down to what you want to achieve…

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