The FDA is nuts

If the healthcare debacle in our country isn’t evidence enough, the government has proven it doesn’t know a darn thing about how to help people stay well.

Even the term “healthcare” is a joke. We have “sick care” in this country. Wait until people get sick, then see if we can’t find the most complicated and expensive ways to put them back together.

Worse, the FDA is now picking fights with companies that are at least trying to do the RIGHT thing.

I don’t eat a lot of energy bars but if you have to eat something on the go, or you’re stuck at a convenience store or airport with few options, you could do a lot worse than a KIND bar. They’re mostly nuts and fruit.

KIND labeled their bars as “tasty and healthy” and the FDA got all puffed up and made them change it. Apparently they didn’t like the level of fat in the bar. But once again, the FDA proves they just don’t get it.

These fats come from heart-protective ingredients like almonds, cashews and coconut. Makes you wonder if the FDA knows what the heck they’re doing.

To their credit, KIND fought back. They filed a petition to change the definition of “healthy” to help the FDA get up to speed with “modern science.” Amen.

KIND’s suggestions include “healthy” meaning whole foods (yes), limits on sugar (right again) and trans fat (bravo). If you’ve been reading my newsletter for long, you know that’s exactly the kind of food choices I preach.

It’s obvious that there is a huge difference between naturally occurring sugars and added sugars, but the governement just doesn’t get it.

If some FDA bureaucract tells me our body treats two apples the same as a can of Coke… I’d tell ’em to get his head examined.

Good for you KIND, keep fightin’ the good fight.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance


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