Tea and your gut

The more we learn about what’s going on in your gut, the more we start to understand… we have a lot more to understand.

Your “microbiome” – the colonies of good bacteria that are found in various places in your body but primarily in your digestive system – have been linked to slew of health functions.

Immune health. Digestion of course. Your mood and how you deal with stress. Nasal health. Your gums and teeth. And now… weight control.

In a new study, researchers have drawn a connection between gut health and weight loss, and the secret is tea.

But not green tea, which most everyone talks about as being healthful.

Black tea. In fact, it may be just as effective as green tea in helping you stay slim. But it works in an entirely different way.

By studying mice fed either green or black tea, they found both tea groups experienced increases in gut bacteria related to lean body mass. And both saw decreases in bacteria connected to obesity.

Bottom line: both groups also lost weight.

With green tea, the healthy components of the tea directly reach the liver. They are small enough to do that, so they impact your metabolism and energy.

But black tea’s molecules are too large. Instead, they stay in the intestine, and act as “prebiotics.”

This means, they nurture the growth of your good gut bacteria.

Obviously, there’s more study needed here. And tea is no magic bullet, clearly. Otherwise we’d be overrun with super-fit Brits… and that’s hardly the case.

But if you enjoy a cup of tea, and there are plenty of health reasons to, it doesn’t have to be green.

Just don’t load up on all those fancy little sandwiches when you drink it.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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