Over 45? Drink this

I know I’ve gushed about it before.
But there’s really nothing like it…

A good cup of coffee, nice and hot (or iced in the summer)…

Just smelling coffee puts a smile on my face.

Probably because the smell of coffee always reminds me of my dad and his morning routine of sitting down in the kitchen with a pot of coffee and the paper.

And, as you’ve heard me say before, the delicious taste and smell are just the start of coffee’s goodness.

Coffee’s linked to all kinds of health benefits, helping you cut your risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, a variety of cancers, and much more.

But you’re going to love this…

Another reason to keep drinking coffee – and plenty of it – despite what some “health experts” come out and say against coffee.

A new study just came out showing that drinking four 8-ounce cups of coffee a day slashes your risk of premature death by 64%.

Let me say that again. 64%.

And the group most likely to benefit?

Anyone over 45.

In fact, if you’re under 45, it doesn’t have as much of an impact on your life span.

The study’s researchers suggested that the natural compounds and antioxidants in coffee could be the reason for coffee’s protective effects. This is especially true when it comes to fighting inflammation. And you know how big of a role inflammation plays in all sorts of health problems as you grow older.

Now you might be thinking, four cups of coffee? Isn’t that too much?

In a word: NO.

Both the study that discovered the longevity connection and another study published earlier this year agreed: up to four 8-ounce cups of coffee is safe for most people.

But if you want to stick to one or two cups, whatever you drink has a benefit. They’ve found that even two cups a day lowers your risk of premature death by 30%.

Then there’s the social part…

Let’s face it. Coffee gets us together with other people. And more friendships reduce your risk of all kinds of health issues including dementia, depression and obesity.

If you want to live longer, research has shown that having friends can have an impact on your life span that’s twice as strong as exercising and equal to quitting smoking.

Just be aware that coffee can make you reach for sweets.

Researchers have found that the caffeine in coffee dulls your ability to taste sweet things… and may increase how many sugary treats you eat trying to please your sweet tooth.

And that’s something you want to avoid.

Remember, processed sugar is seriously dangerous, even when you’re adding it to your healthy cup of coffee. It’s at the root of all kinds of diseases, feeds the fire of inflammation, and much more.

Artificial sweeteners aren’t any better – in fact, they’re loaded with toxins and strongly linked to cancer.

Instead, try cinnamon in your morning cup of joe. It’s a great natural alternative that boosts your health instead of damaging it.

And it makes your coffee smell even better.

Even more reasons to love coffee…

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

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