Please don’t be fooled

A lot of life is about choices.

Sleep in… or get up early.

Eat fast food… or pack a healthy lunch.

Take a walk… or plop down on the couch.

Most of the time, we all know which is healthier.

None of us are perfect.

But last time I checked, it’s still a free country.

We have the freedom to make our own choices, and live with the consequences.

Sure, I’ve made it a kind of mission to help guide you to better health. So at least your choices are informed.

But I’m not here to nag, or plead. Your health is up to you.

Except when I think you’re being hoodwinked.

To me, there’s few things worse than THINKING you’re doing the right thing for yourself and your family, and if you only knew the truth…

You’d be as angry as I am right now.

I did a lot of research before deciding to offer the Patriot Pure Water Pitcher.

I know how important clean water is. And I thought I knew how bad our water was.

But all that digging made a couple things crystal clear:

  1. Our government is playing three-card Monty with our health
  2. The best known “filter” is a mirage

Drinking more water is critical to your overall health. Clean water is key for your weight, your energy, your muscles, your colon, your kidneys…

You get the picture.

So you set aside the juice and sodas, and make a conscious effort to drink more water.

But our tap water isn’t clean (get the full story here). The government is asleep at the switch.

And bottled water is often times tap water with a markup…

Not good. And so you decide to get an affordable, portable pitcher from the store.

You’re making your water safer…


And removing dangerous contaminants, heavy metals, fluoride…


No. Not even close.

When the leading pitcher won’t put a number on how much they reduce significant toxins, or flat out admit they don’t touch things like lead at all…

What is it good for?

If you’re at all concerned about your drinking water, and you want an affordable way to address it, I encourage you to read more here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan
Editor, Patriot Health Alliance

P.S. In fairness to grocery store pitchers, the technology they’re using is 50 years old. Back then, maybe our water wasn’t so bad. But they can’t pretend they don’t know things today are way worse.

But wait. They DO understand technology, and you won’t believe this… Now you can get a “WIFI” enabled pitcher. It doesn’t make your water any purer, but it can communicate with your smartphone. Are you kidding me? Get a real solution here.

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