Jeff’s sheds tears of joy after the Cavs beat the Warriors (story)

I don’t have anything health related to talk about this morning.  

But I’m on cloud 9 and my mind is buzzing after the Cavs big win…

As a long suffering Cleveland sports fan, I’m still shocked at what I saw last night.

I had to check the score again this morning to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

But what’s even better, is that I got to spend the Cavs big win on father’s day with my dad.

My dad just turned 77 on Saturday, and all day yesterday he was calling me and telling me how nervous he was for the game…

“I don’t know if I can even watch the game” he said…

“Your mother can’t even be around me right now, I’m pacing all over the living room”

“I’m pretty sure you were still running around in diapers the last time Cleveland won one of these”

Basically the whole day was filled with a whirlwind of anxiety, excitement and dread for us…

As a Cleveland fan, I just expect the worst.

I remember watching when Earnest Byner fumbled, when John Elway tore our heart out, and when the Indians blew not one, but two chances at winning the World Series.  

So last night, as the seconds ticked down on the game, Dad and I sat there a nervous wreck just hoping that the Cavs would pull it off one time.

It kept going back and forth, and deep down I had a feeling that it just wasn’t going to go our way.

But after Kyrie Irving hit that long 3, and Lebron pulled off one of the greatest blocks I’ve ever seen, the Cavs somehow pulled it off and beat the Warriors.

When the horn sounded, I screamed so loud that our pup Ellie, ran upstairs cause she wasn’t sure what was going on.  

I hugged my dad as hard as I could, and both of us had so much emotion going on that we shed tears of joy for a good 10 seconds.

It was one of the those moments that make sports great… Bringing a father and a son together for a moment that neither of us will ever forget.

I don’t really have any clever way to wrap this up, but If you notice Im a little “upbeat” in my next few newsletters, then this is why…

50+ years of heartache as a Cleveland fan has finally ended for me.

And it feels great.

God bless,

– Jeff Reagan
Founder, Patriot Health Alliance

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